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I wasn’t supposed to see it. I wasn’t supposed to be there.

It was our busiest week of the year, and I was behind on everything. It was already 7pm and I hadn’t even looked at the file she left on my desk three hours ago. I texted Chris to tell him I wasn’t gonna make our date. He tried to call me, but I let it go to voicemail. I just didn’t have time to deal with his complaining about him not being a priority in my life. Right now, my only priority was having the budget reports on her desk when she arrived in the morning. And Ava always arrived before 6am.

Fine. But if I had to spend my evening in the damn office, I was definitely gonna do it in a more comfortable spot than my crappy cubicle. I Door-Dashed a western burger, curly fries and milkshake, and setup my Hulu account to stream to the wide-screen tv in Reese’s corner office. Sadly, this was becoming somewhat of a routine for me, but I was on the fast track to a promotion and a huge pay raise. I was willing to give up my personal life for a few more months.

I jumped up and ran over to the window when I heard the woman cry out.

“I’m sorry! I swear! I’m really sorry!”

The woman’s voice was pleading. I quickly realized that the voice was coming from inside. Shit! I quickly muted the television and turned out the office light. I quietly opened the office door and slowly walked down the dark hallway. As I got closer to Ava’s office, I saw the light coming from her private conference room.

“Please, sir. I didn’t mean it. Honest!”

The clapping sounds that came next startled me. It took a moment for my mind to register what was happening. I carefully peeked my head around the corner. The conference room blinds and the door were completely open and I could see straight through the glass windows.

Even though it was now crumpled high above her waist, I recognized the yellow polka dot skirt Ava had been wearing that day. He was sitting on the edge of the large wooden conference table. His suit jacket was neatly hanging over one of the conference room chairs, and the sleeves of his pristinely pressed shirt were rolled up around his elbows. Ava was between his legs laid over his left thigh, his arm across her waist. Her flower painted panties were midway down her thighs. I gasped as he delivered the next two swats on her bared amber bottom.

“I promise it won’t happen again. I promise. Please, sir!”

Shit! Shit! I knew I shouldn’t be watching, but I was frozen. I couldn’t take my eyes away. Despite her pleas, he continued to spank her. He didn’t speak. The more she cried out, the harder and faster the blows. Ava squirmed and twisted underneath his firm hold. Over and over and over, his large, unrelenting hand landed on every inch of Ava’s caramel colored ass. It was now a glowing hue of rose. Shit! I’ve worked here almost 4 years and never heard Ava cry before.

I was mesmerized. Holy shit! Was this really happening? Was I really seeing this happen?

I watched him spank her for at least five minutes before he suddenly stopped. He rested his hand on her reddened buttocks and rubbed each cheek slowly and deliberately. Ava didn’t move. For a moment, it was completely silent. I could actually hear my heart beating. The sound of Ava faintly whimpering broke the silence. Ava moaned as he continued to caress her well disciplined bottom. How I wished I could see the look on her face.

My mind was racing. My body felt like it was on fire. My panties were wet. I backed out of sight and thought about Chris.

"Hands on your head, young lady!"

His stern voice jolted me to attention. For a moment, I thought I had been caught. I peeked around again to see Ava standing in a corner of the room facing the wall, ass bared and bruised, with her hands clasped behind her head.

"When I return, we'll continue with the belt."

Belt? Did he say belt? I almost pinched myself. This had to be a dream.

I could see Ava's head lower, and her legs started to tremble. I suddenly realized that I was shaking too. Shit! He started to walk towards the conference room door. It would take him less than 30 seconds to get to the hallway. There was no way I'd make it back to Reese's office without him seeing me. Oh fuck! be continued

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Hi there folks, apologies for the delay. Expect a wheelbarrow video with princess in the near future as a update to prove we are still alive.

Life has been busy, new jobs and business prospects have kept me pretty occupied over the last few months. There's also been the realization of a new addition to the family as me and Princess have a little one on the way.

We both want to be more engaged and active in the community. That includes more videos; and if by some magic, people that contact me live in the apparent no-where land that we do. More friends and videos will appear.

Thank you all for the kind messages and friend requests.

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I egot a text from a number I was not familiar with, "Hey, can you give me a ride?" I asked who it was, and she said Juanita. I had not heard from her in about 6 months. She had said something about asking if I like to be paddled, and I blew her off. Today I told her I wanted to talk with her and went and picked her up. I asked her if she was serious about paddling, she said she had never done it but would give it a try. We went to her house, and it took me a while to suck it up and get over being embarrassed. I told her the pain got me high, more or less, and it wasn't sexual. I stripped to a jock strap, and draped myself over a barrel she had in her basement. She used the Lexan paddle, about 20 swats. Wow, she lit me up. Was fun am
nd will do it agaain.

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So earlier today i had some alone time which doesnt happen often. I decided it was the perfect time to complete my self-spanking assignment from mommy. I took my time and began spanking myself as mommy instructed. Completely naked on my bare bottom. But it didnt feel right. So i sent mommy a txt....she responed. Althought i wish i could of called her...i sent mommy some pics of my spanking. She then instructed me further on how i should spank mysel. I did exactly as mommy told me. I spanked my naughty bare bottom very hard. I can still feel my bottom stinging.
Thank you mommy for the much needed spanking i hope mommy is happy with her naughty boy....

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Drinking tequila tonight relaxing and lonely.... Hmmmm wondering how naughty cassy can be with out get caught h Mmmmm shhhhh one tell

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...You get a speeding ticket and you're really just thinking the whole time, "God I wish I could just take a spanking for this instead..."

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Hello Everyone,

He finally came over & spanked me with his hand & ruler & then the dreaded slipper.

That really hurted a lot especially when he spanked me on the crack. Oweeeee!!!

I also had a new Mr. Spanko come to my home in February. I met him on Spanking Partners & he lives 1 1/2 hr. away from my home in Wisconsin.

He brought his bag of implements & we used mine too. It was a Discipline spanking. All I remember from his implements were his strap, crop & a light paddle (I told him to bring out 4 implements out of his bag). He made me bend over the couch for that crop implement otherwise I was over his knee. It was awful. He asked if I wanted cream on my butt. I said, yes. While he was putting it on me I made a comment & he got quite upset with me & he took off my slipper from my foot & started spanking me with it pretty hard.

I was so glad it was over.

He made the decision to give me a Discipline spanking from what I told him & all I wanted was a regular spanking.

I got fooled.

I was in pain for 3 weeks & I had a welt too.

He called & asked how I was & I told him I am finally feeling better.

He wanted to come & give me another spanking but I told him I cannot go over your knees because I was in terrible pain on the right upper side of my body. I am now going to Physical Therapy which will last for 2 months.

I am wishing you all a Belated Easter wishes!!!

Have a Fantastic day!!

Your Spanking Friend,

Ellen Marie

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Justina felt the rush of emotion as her walls came crashing down. A torrent of tears gushed from her, and her cries echoed the heartbreak, of every cruelty and the grief she'd hidden, carefully away. As if a dark cloud had been released from within herself, she felt James lift her, and hold her between his thick arms and then roll her into the covered couch. She couldn't quite control the tsunami of feelings that overwhelmed her, but she felt them wrench from her heart, a pain she hadn't even known was there. She was lighter, as she exhaled the dark stranger, evicting the heavy weight that had festered in the deepest recessions of her psyche.

As the emotional pain subsided, the true gravity of her physical discomfort, took center stage. She still didn't know what he'd used to break her, but she was no match for its might. Perhaps it was not the implement, but the steel will of he, who had wielded it. She should have known better, than to challenge him. He'd been kind at the end, though she'd forced him to such an extreme. She had only herself to blame. She invited it and then refused his offer of reprieve, more than once. Her legs hurt worse than her bottom. She wondered, how long it would take before she could sit again. At least a week, she thought.

James had sat with her and even gave her a little toy to hug, like a teddy bear. It was wet with tears now, but it was a kind gesture. He knew the outcome, long before she did. He'd been prepared for it. She knew, now, he'd done her a great service, though it was a difficult journey. She'd misjudged him, in some ways. He was a hard man but he had a certain kind of wisdom and gentleness in him, as well.

James returned with a cool drink for her, and let her rest. The tears abated, and he began to care for her wounds. His hands were everywhere, in every tuck and groove, looking carefully. She felt like he had her under a microscope. His hands were cool on her feverish flesh. He couldn't help his urge to squeeze her cheeks and pull his fingers down her red cheeks and legs, letting his nails just touch the blistered mosaic. She whined, but sweetly, and he didn't mind. He pulled apart her cheeks and found that the paddle had bruised her, throughout the fissure of her bottom. He'd never seen such color there. He was fascinated, even her little bum hole was purple. The back of her labia was also inflamed and though he'd have liked to enter her, from behind, he thought it was too cruel to consider. Still he didn't want to leave her without some pleasure, but how?

His cock was loaded and ready to fire, but he could always invite another girl to service him, if Justina wasn’t up to the task. “I had planned to finish up with something a little nicer, but you are very bruised. Would you rather rest?”

“No, Sir. I'd rather finish with you, like we always do, with each other.” She wasn't sure how she could manage it, or why, but she didn't want him to call someone else to his suite. This was her night. She would not have someone else reap the rewards of her suffering.

James lifted her chin. “Are you sure, Justina?
You know it wouldn't mean anything. She would not be like you, to me, Beauty. You've had a rough night. What are you suggesting?”

“I can kneel, Sir.”

“I see, he smirked. Come here, then, my precious. She had such amazing breasts. He applied baby oil between them. And he worked it in and then his oily finger found her place. He was passionate as he kissed her, kneading her tits, in his big paws, and nibbling at her throat.
Soon, the pleasure outweighed the pain, and she tip toed, along the edge of oblivion, trying to be still, so as to not awaken her pain and feeling the pull of his rhythm. She felt weak, and the room faded away. There was only his touch, pulling and tugging at her. Her knees threatened to buckle, and he lowered her to the carpet. He kneeled in front of her. His hand sliding, rubbing, and pushing into her. He grabbed pinched and stroked, taking her farther and farther. The fire stoked, the embers sparked and flared like fireworks, and she keened until she had no breath to sing, shuddering against him. She was his, once more.

He sat in front of her sweet mouth and she did what he loved. She ran her tongue along his shaft, and cupped his balls, taking them one at a time into her mouth. Her hands glided up and down and she pushed her large breasts together, and he drove his cock between them. Mmmm, that was it. As his dick came up, her mouth greeted him with licks and kisses. He wasn't holding back anymore, a few more strokes between her boobs, and he fired. She tried to catch his cum, but it was like a volcano and she couldn't contain it. It went everywhere.
He watched her try to lap it up but even her pretty red hair was soiled. As sore, as she was, they would both need a shower!!

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I love Master talking dirty to me, whilst I'm fucking him, sucking his cock, whilst he's spanking me, calling me names doesn't worry me, but God how I hate the word slut. It seems so wrong to come out of my man's mouth, yet at that moment, he's my Master, not my partner, those words would never come out of his mouth then.
It's so degrading, yet somehow I know deep down its what I want and crave, to be degraded and humiliated is what I need and desire. But I get a twinge of anger when I hear that word, I wanna stop what I'm doing and tell him to fuck off but of course I would never do that, because deep down it turns me on.
Well I know it does coz I can feel my wetness.
Yet tears sometimes spring to my eyes and just as quickly dry up again, as I focus on the other names and not that one.
Because I know deep down, I really love it and want it more and more.

Is there anyone else that feels like this ?

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Kathy is a barely over 18 model that is created via CGI software. She is the ideal girl with her spotless skin and perfectly adorable features, but every once in a while I have to dress her up and put some angry welts on that perfect little bum.

Kathy is a sweet, playful girl and is usually very respectful, but she does like to pester me and play practical jokes. Once she is in one of those moods, nothing I say to her seems to help until I give her the attention she needs.

If given a choice, Kathy would rather be paddled than caned. Kathy has a very high pain tolerance and usually jokes about how "that didn't hurt very much Daddy," while bending over a little more and smiling. Because of this, it's not unusual to spend a good 15 minutes paddling her slow and hard as she protests emphatically with a blush of a smile in her voice.

When she's nearly exhausted from the paddling, I finish her with the BFP. The BFP is a rugged 3/4" thick 18 inch long breadboard paddle. Because it is such a serious implement, I only give her the final 10 with it and she must count each swat in a clear and respectful tone.

Every blistering swat causes her to lose her breath in a silent gasp. Then she slowly composes herself and counts out the stroke in a quivering voice. At least she better or we start over from the beginning.

If you could pick why, where, and how she is punished, what would you do with her?

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- Anna Sladen!
- Yes sir.
- You know why you’re here?
- Yes sir.
- Well?
- For taking part in the demonstration wearing my school uniform, sir.
- School uniform . . . exactly. You wore your Harchester School uniform to a demonstration you had been expressly forbidden to attend. So. Last year you and your feminist friends were very determined to “desegregate” this school by forcing us to admit girls. Well, now you’re here, and you’re about to become acquainted with one of the the uncomfortable realities of life at a boys’ school. Do you know what this is?
- It’s a cane, sir.
- Not just a cane, Anna. A senior cane. With which sixth-formers who disobey school rules get beaten, and beaten severely. I don’t suppose you were ever caned at your girls’ school?
- No sir.
- Well, as you might imagine, a caning is a singularly unpleasant experience. Actually, I seriously doubt you can even begin to imagine just how painful and humiliating it really is.
- Yes sir. Er, no sir.
- Right, now. Your punishment for blatant disobedience is six of the best with this extremely painful cane. Bent over that chair, after removing your underwear so that you’re covered only by those thin slacks that I promise you are essentially no protection at all against a senior cane. It will hurt. A lot. Do you understand?
- Y-yes sir.
- There is, however, a way you can get your punishment reduced. If you will give me the names of the other two pupils who were spotted at the demonstration, I will reduce your own punishment to just three strokes. As for your friends, they’ll get three strokes each too. So tell me, Anna. Who were they?
- —-
- Names, Anna. Tell me who they were.
- I’m sorry sir. I can’t.
- Come on, Anna. You must know who they were. Tell me, and it’ll be the better for you.
- I didn’t mean I don’t know, sir. I mean I can’t tell on them and get them into trouble.
- Listen to me, Anna, and listen carefully. If you won’t give me their names, your own punishment of six strokes will stand, then on top of that you’ll have to take the three strokes each that they would have got too. Twelve strokes, Anna. Twelve hard, agonising strokes of the senior cane. That you can easily spare yourself by being reasonable. So come on now, who else was at the demonstration?
- Sorry sir, no. I won’t tell on them.
- So be it, but sorry is certainly what you’ll be long before the end of the punishment you’re about to receive, I assure you. All right. Off you go to the toilets, remove your underwear and put your slacks back on so that they’re the only layer of clothing, and be back here within five minutes.
- Sir.
- Good. Now, Anna, position yourself over the chair. Higher, right up over the back. That’s it. And reach right down and hold on to the edge of the cushion. I advise you to hold on tight and not let go, because if you jump up during your punishment, you will get extra strokes. Understand?
- Y-yes s-sir.
- Then we’ll begin. Count the strokes out loud.
- One. Two. Three. Mm! Four. Mmm! Five. Ah! Six. Aah! Seven. Ah! Ow! Eight. Ah! Ah! Ah! Nine. Ah! Ten, owowow! Aaaaagh! Eleven. Aaaaagh! Aaaaagh! Ow! I can’t! I can’t! Twelve. Aaaaagh! Please! I can’t!
- That was the last stroke, Anna. It’s all over, your punishment is complete. And I congratulate you. You took that very well, especially for someone who’s never been caned before. Also, well done for not telling on your friends. That’s the true Harchester School spirit. You can be proud of yourself. You may go now.

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So how do I take and post video and pics? Am technically disadvantaged and would love to share as do others on this lovely site

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like an angel falling from the sky
pretty soul , spirt and boobs enourmes high
calm and cute singing , always feeling shy
childish and her existance makes hearts flutters and fly
brought trouples punished with diaper on her waiste it's tie
discipline is coming , the line drawed for you time to reveal a cry
hushshsh baby enough games its weekend so you skip punishment on fri

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Today I chat to a person for a long time.
It's happy.

Today I upload the video(105 days ago,the office one) successfully.(maybe you will see it later)
It's happy.

If you want to chat with me,you can leave a message.I will reply it if i see the message assp.

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Winona and I had a pretty good relationship together where we also shared a healthy sex life. We even experimented with some playful spanking. We didn’t get into anything too serious, just some mild to moderate play that left her bottom pink and breathing heavy. It was all pretty mild and light hearted, that is till that one fateful day.
We got into this type of play because Winn saw that silly 50 shades of something or other movie and got all curious. She asked me to go down on her while watching one of the hotter scenes from the movie and I was more than happy to oblige. Truth is, I never need much of a reason to shove my face between her legs. She keeps herself nice and smooth for me and she looks like a juicy peach when she’s freshly shaven and I swear she tastes even better!
Where this all took an unexpected turn was when she joined me on a business trip out to the Bay Area of San Francisco. I won’t bore you with any details of my business as none of that is important. What is pertinent to the story happens after we were invited to dinner with my client and his wife after wrapping up our business and before flying home.
Now I don’t usually have a problem with Winn drinking and I certainly never dictate what she does. She is far too strong willed to tolerate anything like that and frankly it’s just not my style anyway. I just never anticipated her ever getting out of hand the way she did that night and I found myself thinking in a way I never imagined I would.
What ultimately ended up happening was I began to get uncomfortable with how much she was drinking that night, especially for this situation. After all, she was accompanying me at dinner with a client and not at some Jimmy Buffet concert. The more I tried to politely and subtly warn her, the more she got boisterous with me, even downright rude with me at times.
My client seemed understanding and I don’t feel it harmed my company’s business relationship with him but I was still very humiliated none the less. After I stood all I could stand I managed to tactfully end the evening with them and escort my disorderly girlfriend out to our rental car where things only seemed to get worse. I quickly realized that trying to reason with her was going to be useless until she sobered up.
By the time we reached our hotel she had passed out. I was too embarrassed to use the valet service so I parked the car myself. Thank goodness there was a parking garage where I could enter the hotel through a side entrance and wouldn’t have to walk her through the main lobby to access the elevators. After finally reaching our room I don’t think she even recalled the tension between us, but she was still fairly intoxicated and thankfully also tired.
 So, I placed her in bed, pulled off her heels and covered her up. I didn’t even bother undressing her. I just wanted this night to be over. As I sat there on the couch watching her sleep, I thought up the most delicious plan for my wayward girlfriend to help her thoroughly understand the error of her ways.
This idea would certainly be difficult to pull off, and there would definitely be an element of risk involved, but she deserved my thought and planning on this one. Just like in real estate, the key to pulling this off was all about location, location, location! Well, that and timing. So, I pulled my laptop from my bag and got to work.
With a little help from Google Maps and the local commuter train schedule from B.A.R.T.  I got to work. This scheme also required a little scouting escapade as well, so I grabbed my keys, threw my shoes back on and headed back out to the car. Even with as advanced as Google Maps satellite imagery is, you can never trust it to be current, so off I went to investigate.
I thankfully didn’t have to be out too late to find what I was looking for and I was back to our room and into bed before 2am. Winn was right where I left her and I don’t think she even moved an inch. In no time I was off to sleep despite the anticipation I was feeling about the morning.
I was sure to set the alarm early so I had extra time to carry out my plan with my blissfully unaware sweetheart. Being she didn’t have a grasp of where we were or the schedule we were on made my task easy to carry out. She didn’t even ask about the B.A.R.T. scheduling notes I had written down and sitting on the console between us.
It all changed once I pulled off this little side road we were on and began climbing a narrow, gravel, access road up toward the train tracks. When she asked where I was going, I began to speak to her in an authoritative tone I never used with her before. I suppose she could instantly see I meant business because she immediately became very quiet and attentive.
With wide eyes she watched as I put the vehicle in park and slightly spun to look her straight in the eye. I then very soundly began to remind her of her behavior from the previous evening. I could tell she was a bit foggy, but she was also terribly embarrassed and her face went flush and she had difficulty keeping eye contact with me.
Instinctively I scolded her for looking down. In that moment I just knew she deserved nowhere to hide and I could tell it made her terribly uncomfortable but she complied. I could see it strained her to do so, but she did as I commanded. I meant business with her like I never have before and it was obvious she could see this clearly.
Finally she asked what all of this had to do with why we were having this discussion in this desolate location where I barked it was because it was not to be desolate for much longer and got out of the vehicle. As I walked around the front of the car I could see the confusion and nervousness in her eyes through the windshield. She held my gaze all the way until I got around to her side and opened her door.
Without a word I took her by her arm and gently but firmly pulled her to her feet. I never let go of her arm when I pulled her clear of the door and closed it behind her and escorted her to the front of the car. I then stood there and began to lecture her on how badly she embarrassed me in public in front of my client where I could read on her face how completely puzzled she was that we were having this awkward conversation in this strange location.

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Looking at my watch I saw it was finally time for the highlight of our encounter to begin. As I pulled her closer, I raised my leg and placed my left foot on the front bumper of the car. In one swift motion, I lifted my confused girlfriend up off her feet and draped her body across my knee. She shouted out and asked me what in the living hell did I think I was doing where I ignored her and simply flung her pretty little flowery summer dress up and over her back and quickly whisked her panties straight down to mid-thigh.
This was no game to me this time and I was set to teach her a firm lesson, so I began to lay it on hard and heavy. She yelled and screamed from the very first swat and almost went into a plank position across my knee. I stopped momentarily to reprimand her to settle back down into position or her disobedience would only make the already awful situation even worse. She must have believed me because she immediately complied and relaxed her body enough to achieve a satisfactorily submissive posture.
It must have been understandably uncomfortable for her, dangling in the air with her head hanging low, nowhere to brace either her hands or her feet, and her naked bottom pointing to the sky. I’m sure the fact I was applying my large, flat, calloused hand to her bare flesh made it that much worse for her. All this was evidenced in her howls and struggle to remain in the required position without reaching back to protect her assaulted butt. I would occasionally catch a glimpse of her motioning as if she would reach back, or begin to rise up a bit, but she would seem to catch herself and return as I wanted her.
This all changed as she heard the morning train approaching. I could tell she was looking under my leg to see if her nightmare was true and she suddenly tried to shoot up off my knee where she was only met with my forearm to hold her in place and a rapid volley of swats with the command to fold back down and take her medicine like a big girl. It must have been absolute murder for her to obey knowing her ordeal was about to be shared publically, but she begrudgingly lowered her head once again and I could hear a low groan of embarrassment as she did.
What she didn’t realize at the time was there was a passenger deck directly across from where her spanking was being carried out. It also didn’t help that the train engineer blew the horn as he approached the stop, painfully reminding her that this was no private affair. I kept laying down her swats, smooth and steady, turning her bottom a deeper shade of red as I did.
I really wasn’t paying as much attention to the passengers on the train as I was my girl’s lovely bottom until she shrieked that some of the passengers were taking pictures with their cell phones. I looked up and sure enough she was right. Some people were looking back and forth at one another with snickers on their faces while a few of the women looked obviously sympathetic to Winn’s plight. I could see the look of arousal on one woman’s face though, just as the train began to pull away. Frankly I’m surprised the engineer didn’t step out of his control booth and walk back a few cars to finish watching her chastisement.
I wasn’t as worried about the pictures as Winn obviously was as I was foreseeing enough to wear a ball cap and sunglasses while aiming her bottom directly broadside the train so as to hide her face from the crowd and conceal our identities enough. It also helped knowing we were far from home in a foreign city. I was even wise enough to cover the front license plate the night before by sticking a wet napkin to it, just in case.
As soon as the train departed I raised Winn up off my knee and began to walk her back to her side of the car. She tried to reach down to pull up her little panties but I quickly swatted her butt and told her firmly to leave them where they were. She looked over her shoulder at me with these puppy dog eyes and I just raised an eyebrow and she didn’t argue. I sat her in the car and hurried to my side to make our getaway. If anyone called the authorities we only had a short time to get out of the area.
With tears still in her eyes, she asked me to please explain why I spanked her in that most ungracious manner. I replied that the answer should be obvious to her from the lecture I had given her before and the scolding throughout her spanking. However, for clarification sake I explained in more detail. Basically it was all about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, embarrass me in public and I shall happily return the favor.
She began to cry anew at what I can only assume was guilt and shame at her behavior. I then reached over and gently took her chin in my fingers and guided her face to look at me once again, this time with much kinder eyes where I offered reassurance of my love for her. I went on to explain how this was all behind us now and she was in my good graces. I was sort of surprised to see her smile back and almost expected her to be angry with me at the whole incident.
I was even more surprised when she undid her seatbelt and slid over to grab ahold of my trousers where she found me still fully aroused. Her eyes seemed to almost light up and she began to work on freeing me from my encasement. All of the sudden I saw a different look in her eye that I never saw before. I always knew she loved and respected me, but she had a whole new look of adoration on her face.
Without another word, she slowly eased down, keeping eye contact with me the entire time and placed me in her warm mouth. I could barely focus on the task of driving as she lovingly worked her magic. It is strange, but I swear it felt like the first time all over again. There was this electricity storming throughout my entire chest and I almost felt like I was going to float away!
By this time we were in the interstate heading for the airport and I had to pull off on the emergency shoulder before I crashed. Once the car was safely in park I noticed her panties were still around her knees. I couldn’t help but reach over and slide my hand under her skirt to grab ahold of her amazing butt. I couldn’t believe the heat still radiating off her skin and it excited me to the point I could no longer hold back. Being the gentleman, I kindly gave her the proper warning before exploding where she caringly made sure to take it all in.
I wanted to take her right then and there! This girl was amazing and I loved her like crazy! Sadly we had a schedule to keep and getting arrested on the side of the highway so far from home just wasn’t on the agenda. With a sigh on my lips and love in my heart, I shifted back into drive, checked my mirror and hammered the fuel pedal and merged back into traffic.
Winn looked over at me as she sat back up and replaced her seatbelt and meekly asked me if she could please put her panties back in place where she also added a sir at the end on the question. That was the first time she called me sir, but not the last. I said in a semi-serious ton to leave them where I placed them which brought a wicked smile to her face that I don’t recall seeing before. This was turning ot to be a day of firsts and I was loving it!
I couldn’t help but reach over and place a hand on her knee. Slowly I slid up her soft thigh until I found her moist, bare lips waiting for me. She instantaneously began to writhe and moan. I have never seen her climax so fast or so hard. Her shrieks were deafening inside the closed in vehicle as we cruised down the highway toward our exit.
 Not only that, she caught the attention of a couple in a car next to us and the driver was sure to keep pace as he and his girl looked on with smiles on their faces. Who would have known, but it turns out I’m a bit voyeuristic. Winn didn’t notice the couple as her eyes were in the back of her head at that moment, right where I like ‘em!
I didn’t tell Winn to replace her panties to their original upright position until we pulled into the car rental agency at the airport. I could still smell her excitement as she pulled them up and under her skirt. She looked so amazingly hot in that moment with her flushed cheeks as she winced the moment her sexy undergarment slid across her freshly battered cheeks.
I made up my mind then and there that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this girl. Six weeks later I proposed and she cried as I placed that ring on her finger. She still drinks a little too much every now and then. She even stops once in a while after I give her that familiar look, but only once in a while. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. As her loving husband, I’m more than happy to remind her of the consequences of her actions. That’s just the kind of guy I am.
©Top_Jimmy 2017

Note from the Author: This piece is a work of fiction. I typically prefer to write and share my life experiences. However, this is a fantasy I have wanted to act out but sadly haven’t found the opportunity to present itself to do so. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll revise this with the facts of a true encounter. With me, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise!

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You were something like my saturated daydreams
Ideas always spinning,never moving
Full of smoke and little whisperings of nothing
Your lips mapped the constellation of my sighs

You were something like a suffocating nightmare
All twisted sheets and gasping out for more air
So full of bad intentions but so damn good I swear
My nights spent drowning in the currents of your highs

You were something like the never-ending searching
A sermon that could make me feel like serving
An all together new aged kind of learning
When you discovered continents between my thighs

You were something like my saturated daydreams
And oh the way you left me wanting, it was so mean
A touch that left me breathless and erupting
Your sex, it was a fu**boy'a sweet disguise

The English Mansion