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Hello boys and girls.
I am a professional disciplinarian based in london and I am looking for naughty boys and girls who need to be traditionally punished.
My fee is very reasonable and I will travel to you.
Please send me a private message if you are interested and tell me what you like.

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Continued from part five

For just a second, Laura-Lee hesitates, but she knows that there is no point in prevaricating. She slowly unfastens her belt, unbuttons the dress and removes it over her head; then places it on the hanger provided. Clad in her pristine white bra and half-slip, she suddenly feels so alone and vulnerable.

Briefly, she thinks to ask if she might keep her slip on but, since Thelma has clearly been required to remove hers, it is fairly apparent that she will be expected to follow suit; likewise her brassiere. Soon she is standing before the others in just her expensive white silk panties, girdle and stockings. She offers no resistance as Jim slips her wrists into the ropes hanging from the rafters and pulls them tight so that her arms are extended above her head.

The two women are now facing each other and separated by a gap of about six feet or so.

Although she is naked to the waist, her breasts exposed and wearing only the most intimate of underwear, there are no overtly sexual undertones. They exist of course, but Laura-Lee’s primary sensation is one of intense shame at being very publicly sent for punishment. When Jim stoops to pick up the whip, the shame is quickly over-ridden by an awful stomach-wrenching fear. Involuntarily, she grabs hold of the ropes which tether her wrists and clenches the cheeks of her buttocks together. Dear God – he was really going to do it!

Thelma, despite her own humiliation and pain, is quietly enjoying the spectacle which unfolds before her. The prospect of seeing Laura-Lee get her richly deserved come-uppance is, after all, not without its appeal.

For his part, Jim is by no means impervious to the charms of the two southern ladies; in fact he is rather enjoying the close up view of their intimate things. He rubs his fingers gently over the bare skin of Laura-Lee’s back and feels her shivering. He feels a little sympathy for her – she must be terrified, but he cannot allow his emotions to divert him from the task. The lady must be taught a lesson and her husband is counting on him to teach her the error of her ways. She will learn quickly – but education can be painful.

When they have gone home, he will reflect long and licentiously at having stripped and whipped them, seen their breasts jiggle around before his eyes and their bodies writhe uncontrollably as they danced under the power of the lash. But that is for the future. In the meantime he has a job to do; Miss Laura-Lee has to take the medicine.

Before he begins Laura-Lee’ punishment though, he makes great play of checking out the lacerations on Thelma’s back. There are two dozen lashes in all, spread about in a random pattern although there is preponderance toward the centre, which gives them an appearance similar to a tangle of red plant roots. Some of them have curled around her torso and bitten into her ribs, narrowly missing her breasts; others have snaked up towards her neck and over the collar bones. It wasn’t the tidiest piece of work he had ever seen, but horsewhips are not so easy to control with minute precision.

Although he had done his best to avoid it, there is a tiny amount of blood forming in some of the weals. He dips a clean cloth in the bucket of cold salted water on the floor and gently wipes it away causing Thelma to wince and cry out in pain.

Then, apparently satisfied, he turns his attention towards his other guest. Having just watched the preceding spectacle in horror, She is now looking terrified, as well she might. He makes a point of verifying that ropes holding her wrists are secure, standing so close that her nipples are brushing against his shirt. She can feel his laboured breath playing on her cheeks and smell the sweat coming from under his armpits.

Laura-Lee tugs vainly at her restraints but the knots are tight. Her arms are starting to ache slightly.

Jim with whip in hand walks slowly but purposefully around and behind her. She is vaguely aware of the way her remaining underclothes feel against her skin: the snug girdle with its elasticated gussets, the softness of the satin panties that are caressing her vagina, the stockings and suspenders that are sliding almost imperceptibly against her thighs. Rather improbably, her vaginal area has begun to feel moist and receptive.

From the opposite side of the shed, Thelma is looking at her with an expression which successfully disguises the lust within, merely conveying a mixture of suffering and sympathy. Laura-Lee lowers her gaze in shame and feels the whipcord flicking lightly but menacingly over the bared skin of her back and shoulder blades.

Amid a heady blend of anticipation and sheer terror she bows her head. Suddenly her world is submerged in pain as whip wraps itself viciously around her torso and bites deep into the exposed ribcage.

Despite her best intentions not to do so, she screams in agony, and the echoes reverberate off the walls of the little shed as if to mock her in her hour of humiliation.

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The oil kept miraculously burning,
Assuring us that God was on our side.
Our enemies were having trouble learning,
So Judas Maccabeus tanned their hide.

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I haven't been really spanked in weeks an no I should really ask for it but at the same time I am always very reserved about ask him to punish me .. I give hints I smart off but nothing seems to be working .. lol
I also have this fantasy about being spanked an sent to the corner or something kinky along those lines.. but it seem like it is hard to plan for us to play out .. we really need some alone time lol..
I would also love to make a video ..

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Today I go back to work after 3 days off. If you remember my first blog entry "The Conspiracy", that short story has a bit of truth to it. My job is a little bit high pressure, as the story goes. Also I do have a temper at times, that is expressed with hissy moments, and displaying some aggravation. So I know myself enough to where my red hair temper needs to simmer down before I actually brat myself out of a job and into the woods....LITERALLY! No pay, no stay. I don't have a mate that can hold the fort, I am on my own. So I need to really focus on this issue, and break myself of doing this crap.
So with my SPANKER hat on..."Young lady, you better behave today at work OR ELSE"
Spankee hat: Yes Maam!

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Warm up paddlings are one of my lovely wife's fortes. In order to have any hope of being able to take her punishing swats, I take a series of warm up swats. I have to ask for these swats, and they are given in addition to however many punishment swats I have coming. We have found that 6-10 warm ups is most effective. These are the swats that give me the most trouble...I squirm, squeal, and generally act like a little school girl. Sue starts off fairly easy, and by the time she is done, is laying the paddle on forcefully. After a short break, her punishment swats begin. Though the pain of her punishment swats is amazing, I am able to handle it...just barely. All due to my lovely paddler's ability, and willingness, to apply a series of warm up swats to my bare butt.

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Jetzt wird hier mal einiges geändert!!!!
Ich lass mich weder verarschen, egal von wem...
zweitens hab ich es satt mir ständig irgendeinen dreck anhören zu müssen
und drittens werde ich jetzt mein Leben leben wie ich es für richtig halte, wer damit ein Problem hat, tja herzlichen Glückwunsch :-D

Ps: viele Videos wurden jetzt raus genommen weil ich mich von Menschen mit pedophilen Neigungen definitiv distanziere!!!!

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Red bums roasting by an open fire
Though Jack Frost's keeping up the freeze
Bad girls wailing out like a choir
Their panties draped around their knees.

Everybody knows a spanking and some mistletoe
Help to keep the gals in line
Sniveling wenches with their bottoms aglow
Will drift to sleep with thoughts divine

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of belts and paddles on his sleigh
And every naughty girl is gonna spy
To see if elves really know how to flay

And so I'm offering this simple rhyme
To all our guys and Santa, too.
Though it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas to you!

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How often have we seen a Christmas come and go and have never really participated or enjoyed the season or really grasped it's meaning? "I'm just not in the Christmas spirit this year," we say. I've been there often enough so a few years ago I began focusing on how to do better for myself. Let me pass on a few thing that were especially helpful. We have a week and it's absolutely not too late to start.

First of all, realize it's not you. It's the world and all it's distractions that's making us crazy. The first and most important thing is to start pulling back from the craziness. Withdraw from the world as much as you are able. Stop watching the news (listening and reading, too). No matter where you stand on the issues the news is upsetting. Interview and analysis programs are nothing more more than people screaming at each other. They make it seem we are at war with ourselves and everyone else. Separate yourself from it. Stop watching it. This alone will make a huge difference within a day or so.

Slow down and quiet down! Stop racing around. Stop letting the world bother you so much. Make an effort to be kind to people around you. If you are a religious person, do some spiritual reading each day. Prepare yourself to celebrate this extraordinary event. If you are not, read Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol,'' or other holiday stories. Play "The Nutcracker Suite." Here's a good soundtrack, Rent some of the classics. Netflix has a slew of Christmas movies and both the Family and Lifetime channels broadcast one each night. Pull the family together and watch at least one a day. If you're a single, curl up with your furry friend. Don't have a pet? Go buy a goldfish. I'm serious.

I don't mean to be preachy but you can't imagine how doing these few simple things can help. They will quiet you down and prepare you to receive the Christ Child, a very personal thing, indeed. You will really enjoy Christmas and you deserve that.

Finally, it helps to meditate on the words of a really beautiful Christmas carol. I especially love the line, "'Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth."

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
'Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn'
Fall on your knees, O hear the angels' voices
O night divine, O night when Christ was born
O night divine, O night, O night divine

I'll be traveling soon so let me wish dear friends, old and new, all the joys and blessings of Christmas. Happy Hanukkah to my dear Jewish friends and and a very Happy New Year to all.


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O kinky tree, o kinky tree,
How lovely are thy branches.
O kinky tree, o kinky tree,
How lovely are thy branches.
You fill my dreams, you fill my days.
The other me's are but a phase.
O kinky tree, o kinky tree,
How lovely are thy branches.

O kinky tree, o kinky tree,
How lovely are thy branches.
O kinky tree, o kinky tree,
How lovely are thy branches.
You make me want to laugh and shout.
You are what life is all about.
O kinky tree, o kinky tree,
How lovely are thy branches.

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Sometimes the hardest part about getting spanked, is knowing that you need it, but being too stubborn to admit it.

I was cranky the other day, for no better reason than I wasn’t ready to get out of bed because I was sleepy. I was home for the weekend, away from any discipline, but I was a good girl while I was away...or, rather, I wasn’t particularly bad.

In any case, He wasn’t acting as though He was aware of my crankiness, and I thought I was internalizing all of my bad mood actions. I curled into a ball under the covers, but kept my eyes open because the floor was cold and I my skin prickled against the open air outside of my cocoon. I kept my eyes wide because if I fell back asleep I would’ve slept all day. And suddenly I knew he knew what I was doing, and I felt him watching me fight against the inevitable.

I don’t know exactly how it happened, He asked if I had an attitude problem and I stubbornly said, “No.” But soon enough I was getting my first spanking of the day...the first time I’d been spanked in almost a week. He had me over his knee with my pajama pants down, and my bottom bared and he was using a little black hairbrush and it kind of hurt. I was limp, I didn’t care. I didn’t need this, I wasn’t doing anything wrong. If anything, this was making me feel worse.

Basically, I was in denial because as soon as it started to sting, as soon as my bottom started to prickle and the smacks started to smart, it became clear that I was not going to be able to hold onto my rebellion. My breath got caught in my chest and my eyes squeezed shut and I tried to exhale without losing my cool but as the air escaped my lungs, so did my attitude. I panted and pouted and started to push my toes against the cold, wood floor...and then I broke, I started to cry a little bit and He said, “What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?”

And for whatever reason, I couldn’t speak. Perhaps it is because I feared I would really start crying...but I think there was something else happening in my brain that kept me from saying actual words. Whatever the case, such silence does not bode well for my bottom.

“Nothing to say, huh?” He pulled me off his lap and bent me over the bed, my knees gave out slightly, “No, stand straight,” He said and I heard the clank of the belt He pulled from the hook on the wall.

The first whack...then the second whack...and before the third met my bumpy, bare bottom, and it was over. I missed Him while I was away, and the stresses of being with family, and the naughtiness (however “minor”)-- all of these things came to the surface and I began to sob. I pulled a pillow to my face and began to use it to muffle my sobs and shrieks from the biting belt snapping against my reddening bottom.

“I’m sorry!” I finally yelped. “I’m s-sorry, Daddy. Please…”

“Please, what?” He said and held the belt so it dangled close enough to my butt that I felt it brush against my raw skin.

“Please let me suck your cock,” I begged. I did not expect to say such a thing, but I wasn’t surprised. It is easier to admit to wanting sex than to wanting to get spanked until your butt is black and blue.

He spanked me good and fucked me better...and as I lay face down against the tangled warmth of the bedsheets, he wiped my red-hot bottom clean and gave me a little nudge so he could lay with me. My breathing was eased and I was drowsy, but in a good, cleansed way, like I wasn’t afraid of falling back asleep because I didn’t feel...I don’t know, I didn’t feel rebellious any more. I felt better.

The reason I didn’t speak when he asked me if I had anything to say for myself is because I did not want to say it out loud, that I was waiting for the spanking, expecting it, as repressed as the need was at that moment, I knew it was something that would happen, and it made me feel much better after the facts. It doesn’t feel good before or during...but that little shiver of being taken care of in such a way...well, there’s nothing like it.

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This is a blanket response to my Wooden Spoon video.
THANKS everyone that has commented or rated my video!!! (graciously kurtsy's)
4.5 stars and 3770 views as of this post!!
and YES I will be posting more, but not too many as I have only about 4 implements on me making 2 videos using the same item would be repetitive, and not really useful. Maybe a different setting with same impliment, but I live in a small town with no car, so the idea of perhaps an outdoors scene isn't really a practical reality.

again THANKS for your support! :) :) :)

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I slept in a little this a.m. but after getting up and heading to the kitchen to get a pot of coffee going (MUST HAVE COFFEE!!, oh and any potential meet ups could remember this...ahem, cough, STARBUCKS..cough)
While I was in the kitchen, a sudden thought struck me as I was eager to get back to my office to turn on my laptop and start checking Emails and ST.
"You better pick up this little bit of mess OR ELSE"....Hmmm, how in the world could a self spank (yes my bottom is still sore) serve as a mental action guide??? How could it be, that in a strange way I have become my own "spanking threat"?? Weird huh?
Well, whatever, it worked. I immediately resolved myself to resist jumping on line,and to clean up the pot from last night and put away a few dried dishes from the dish caddy.
Yeah I did mention in the other post that the video I made for the unkept home was for a fellow spanko friend of mine, but she technically isn't an online mentor. Instead we have a mutual accountability thing going on. She can't self spank as much as I can, because of her living arrangements, due to lack of privacy that would be needed to carry out a meaningful selfie.
Butt, I guess for her amusement, and satisfaction, I can and do make personalized selfies for her.

P.S. I think its so cute that a few people that have sent me friend requests have called me "young lady" despite the fact that I am a 40 something...THANKS :) *blushes*...however, in a round about way they have also played in to my fetish of ageplay "middles" mindframe. again THANKS :)

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Looking for some thing to do this Christmas.I wrote to Santa asking for a copy of his naughty list.
All I got back was a list of my female friends here on Spankingtube. With a note saying some are worse than others,but really they all need a good spanking.So line them up,and bend them over.

I thought,and believed some of you were good girls.I must be wrong again.


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Looking for some thing to do this Christmas.I wrote to Santa asking for a copy of his naughty list.
All I got back was a list of my female friends here on Spankingtube. With a note saying some are worse than others,but really they all need a good spanking.So line them up,and bend them over.

I thought,and believed some of you were good girls.I must be wrong again.


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My lovely wife, and paddler, Sue, has developed an extremely intense method of paddling. First her warm-up swats are applied....hard. I am usually blistering by half way to ten swats. But once the 10 warm-up swats are administered, I get a short break. Once back in position, Sue gives her best punishment style swats. Usually a total of twenty, or so swats in around one minute. I do my best to keep my butt relaxed, stuck up and out for her paddle. It is almost impossible not to jump, but once I'm good and warmed up, I do pretty well. However...I am very verbal, LOL! Sue's paddlings leave me in tears, and I can assure you I am very tough!!! A good side effect is the flush of endorphins as the paddling ends...TOTALLY awesome! Thank you Sweetie!

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Most girls want the fairy tale. Not that we're damsels in distress, necessarily, but just that it's nice to have a prince (or Queen) who will treat us like a princess, take care of us, protect us from all the demons and dragons in the world.

Most girls want the knight in shining armor to sweep them off their feet, scoop them into their arms, carry them to their white steed and sit behind him, arms wrapped around him as he takes her to his palace.

I'm not most girls. I'll take the dark knight - the one I deserve - who tosses me over his shoulder when he carries me from danger, who puts me in front of him on his black steed - in front of him, face down, with well placed smacks delivered upon my upturned rump with every protest I dare make. He takes me back to his lonely castle where he rules supreme, where he applies the leather to my bare posterior so I feel the sting of every trial I put him through in my rescue - for he knows I put myself in the way of trouble to test whether he would be strong enough (and patient enough) to fetch me - but I gave no test which was beyond what I knew would be done. He even has a witch in his keep who delights in torturing me when he's not around.

The standard fairy tale may lead to sweeter dreams . . .

. . . but mine makes for more delicious fantasies!

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This is a true story, while the names have been changed to protect the innocent, the facts are true...da da daaaaah

LOL now don't ya love those old late 60's and early 70's cop shows? Anyway, Today I made a video of a self spank for not keeping up with my house chores. My house wasn't nasty, but if you really looked you could tell that the carpet hadn't been vacuumed in a while, and a few dishes piled up in the sink. That may be minor to some, but I am being a little strict on myself.
So I have this really big paddle that I call TITAN. Its made of cherry wood, I think. Now it does look intimidating, but don't let the size of it fool you. It isn't nowhere near as "thuddy" as you would think it is. It is very stingy. I would imagine that if someone did take a baseball swing with it on someone, it would really do some damage, but the sheer sting power of it, is where the money is.
So I turned my camera on (note, looks like selfies can't be honored on here, according to the FAQ)and applied some Aloe Lotion to my already sore bottom from yesterdays encounter with the wooden spoon.

I figure that since it had been a little while since I had cleaned house, I deserved a pretty good one. So up to around 92 swats, and my arm tired out on me...switched to the "puppy paddle" and I lost count, and restarted at 82.83.84....99.100! The last set was a very fast pace, whereas the TITAN was more like smack,count,smack,count.

The video was entirely set up for a friend spanko who lives about 200 miles from me. So she can't help me out with things unless she really goes out of her way. Any way, so I sent the video to her, and made some stills of the red bottom afterward. I didn't take the photos right away as I was too busy getting the video uploaded to send.
Part of the dialog, was that if I were to spank for a untidy house, then mine should set the example, and when I am not setting the example then my bottom should pay for it. IT DID all 100 swats!!

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Over the past few weeks Jen and I have being fooling around with each other;you know the sort of thing,hiding each others clothes,sending each other dirty text messages when we know one of us is doing something important.Last weekend Jen hid my car keys which are attached to my house keys,now having had a few drinks the night before I genuinely believed that I had lost them.I rang the pub we both go too and was told there was no keys found. I retraced my steps,on foot,back into the village,checking the road as I went. I even went into the local shop and had a sign put up on the notice board offering a reward to anyone who found my keys. When I came back from the village the keys were left on the kitchen table with a note saying THE LEPRECHAUN'S MADE ME DO IT,in Jenny's handwriting.

Yesterday Jen and I went to a Department store and got split up looking at different things to buy. I looked around for her but she was gone.I continued to do a little shopping when I heard my name being called out over the in store public address system saying that MY DAUGHTER WAS WAITING FOR ME AT THE PERFUME COUNTER.I went to the perfume counter to find Jenny and the shop assistant laughing at me. However it was this morning which really took the biscuit. Jen asked did I want to go for a run. I said yes,and we both set off on what I thought would be a nice leisurly jog. It turned out to be a flat out run. There was a time when I could keep up with her,but not anymore.Jenny runs whenever she can and is planning on doing five marathons around the country next year. There was a distance between us,suddenly she stopped and shouted to me..."COME ON OLD WOMAN,KEEP UP!" I had enough.

When we got home I waited until she was in the shower,stings more when her bottom is wet. I stormed the shower room,with the wooden spoon. Before she could react I grabbed her by her ear and dragged her into the bedroom. There was a struggle ,but I managed to get in a few whacks with the wooden spoon.. I told her to lie across the bed,that if she didn't do as I said,then it would be the cane in my study. She called me a few choice names,before doing what I said. I took the strap and gave her six strokes. I love her bottom.I love to run my hands over it in between chastising her.I have been guilty of even biting sometimes. However as usual,the discipline only lasts a little while before we make love;at least we got to try out our new dildo and feather duster...don't ask,but I guess you can imagine. Afterwards we both agreed that we needed that and showered together,which caused more 'physicality', before snuggling up in front of our open fire drinking hot chocolate,until my niece burst through the door,thankfully I had listened to Jenny and got dressed. My niece was looking for cash,she forgot to buy someone a present. Once I coughed up the cash,she left us in peace.We snuggled for a little while before 'going at it' again. Jen is so naughty for getting me so excited!LOL.

Hope all of you are keeping well and cosy!

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i want to strict spanker lady for wedding plz spanking me or Marry me or introduce spanker lady 4 marring Marriage white spanker lady my wish i am full slave and full time slave and professional spanking and fetish model my yahoo id: brine_mind

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