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I am now in the state of GA and TN. I specialize in giving a good ass whipping to men that are Doms, Tops, HOH, disciplinarians or Daddies. I have these type of men contacting me all the time for safe - secret - spankings. The ones that I have spanked, no one will ever know about it. That is why they come to me. So anyone on here that i play with all the time, I have not spanked. I don't like it when people find out who I have really spanked. So COME GET WhAT YOU NEED! That is what I am here for. FYI! I will be coming out with a new Video really soon! All of the men that I spank are called Michael in my videos since it is a common name. Let me know if you live in TN or GA and want to get things started! No GAMES!

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A woman I knew as Ms. Teagan greeted me at the door of her home. She was a professional disciplinarian and I was there for my appointment. She had a nice home in the suburbs. She was quite attractive. a woman in her forty's, and had nice full a little larger than average breasts and a very full bottom. She was dressed in black lingerie and stockings. I went into her study with her and saw a wooden paddle on her desk which had the words, "For naughty boys and girls." She said, "Relax, we know why you are here. I am taking over at this point and will give you orders to obey me. The first order is to completely take off your clothes." Soon I was naked before Ms. Teagan. "Now you will start by serving me and giving me pleasure. I have completely cleaned my anus before you came here and I want you to French kiss, lick and probe me with your mouth and tongue." Her bottom was beautiful. She poised herself on a bench to give me access. Soon I was kissing, licking, and probing her anus. She released sexual grunts and pleasure sounds as I did so. "Hmmmm, yes, my pussy is getting moist and wet, thank you." After 15 minutes she told me to stop and turned around. "Look at me. My pussy is moist and wet, isn't it? Now, you belong over my knee naughty boy! When I am done, you will have a very red paddled bottom!" With that, she sat in a chair, grabbed my wrist and wisked me over her knee. Immediately I felt the first swat and sting of her paddle. Again and again she swatted my bottom vigorously. She alternated swated with her paddle and just her open hand. I relaxed and breathed deeply as I felt the pain and pleasure mixed together melting into her lap. The spanking continued for some time until my whole bottom was hot and red. When she was satisfied, she stood me up. "My, I see you have a very hard throbbing erection naughty boy!" I begged her, "Please Ms. Teagan, may I masturbate now. I am so excited and panting!" "Yes, but you will do it in a prescribed way. You will straddle my leg as I am seated, place one arm over my shoulder and jerk yourself off with the other. I will give you some baby oil. Also, you will say as you jerk, "Thank you Ms. Teagan for paddling me." As I spoke the words, I jerked myself until I had a nice cum. Ms. Teagan led me to a bed afterward to allow me to take a nap.

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Aloha this is Uncle Spinner from the island of Maui STI's (sexually transmitted infections) Syphilis, HIV and Hep C is everywhere on Maui where single young men and women are playing "between the sheets" and to make it more intense High School just finished fall break. Remember guys one of the ways you can get syphilis is from oral sex, it is a bacteria and is Highly Contagious...shootz Share this with a son or nephew and tell them to share it with their buddy's. Everyone got to stay Healthy here! Get the word out to young local and visitors tell them to keep their pants up if they live here or kidding brah..
If you think your going to have problems come see me. I have no qualms about giving out a dozen strikes with a razor strap on your bare ass (mentoring, a teachable moment) to remind you to Keep your pants up Spread the word..If not now then when?
Spinner HIV outreach Maui USA
Since the beginning of time young or older adult males have been playing, teaching, mentoring or punishing each other with the paddle to get a point across (no lying, stealing, disrespecting) and to wake you up and get you out of that rut (smoking pokalolo instead of finding work, skipping school or being high at school) just to name a few. We all get in ruts God knows I do. My Portuguese friend that has been here his whole life calls the strapping I do "a bit of Hawaiian love".
So If you decide to be the guy that comes my way for this kind of direction it truly is OK this strapping happened. I strap hard but don't harm ya and yelping, crying and screaming is good for reducing stress and waking you up from the rut you find yourself in. I do know what the word "mercy" means.
Look some of us learn the hard way including me. We get strapped, slapped and knocked down more then once in life. Wake up one morning so deep in a rut there is no daylight. Some end up in jail and some make up their own jail in their head once like me begging to be free. All of us keep learning and growing and believe it or not I just figured it out we never stop growing till the day we drop. One thing after all these years I can't shake each time done whippen feels like I got a thorn stuck in my side and I'm falling from Grace.
PS I will let you in on a secret that only a handful on Maui know. I'm Santa on Vacation here escaping from the snow. No Christmas eve male to male strapping just to let you know so wherever your at in the world don't forget to leave a little glass of milk please along with some fresh baked peanut butter cookies. It's real plain to me whether your naughty or nice. I'm just asking GIVE YOURSELF A BRAKE why not stay Stay Healthy for such a nice prize BIG Sugar Plums and sweet looking Frilly Bums for the rest of your life!

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"You've been a naughty girl." John was seated on the sofa looking up at Sally with a knowing smile on his face.

"Have I?" she said defiantly, "And just how do you know that?"

John reached into his pocket and took out his mobile phone. "It's all in here." he said "Pictures of somebody I know in the local department store taking things and walking out without paying." He switched the phone on. "Look." he said, pointing to the screen. "I think it's quite clear who the culprit is. I bet the store and the police would be very interested in these."

Sally grabbed the phone from him and searched through the photos her eyes widening as she saw the evidence of her wrongdoing. "And what's to stop me stamping on your phone and destroying these."

John laughed. "Don't worry, I have plenty of copies."

"So what do you intend to do?" she asked.

"Simple. You have a choice. You either accept a punishment from me or I pass the pictures on to the proper authorities."

"What punishment do you have in mind?" she inquired.

"A spanking." he said, smiling. "A good old fashioned spanking on your bare bottom."

"It seems that I have no choice." She said. "So you better get on with it."

"Good. I will. Stretch you arms out in front of you, crossed at the wrists." He took off his tie and lightly but firmly tied her wrists together. "Put your hands behind your head." He undid her belt and pulled her jeans and pants down to just below her knees.

Putting his hand between her knees he said "Spread." She obediently shifted her feet apart. John turned his hand palm upwards and slowly raised his arm, lightly brushing his thumb and little finger against her thighs.

"What are you doing?" she asked brusquely.

"Just a little preparation." He said. "After all, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy being punished." He paused. "At least a little bit."

When he reached the top he gently stroked her with his middle finger. She breathed shallowly, running her tongue lightly over her lips.

"Right, over my knee. It's time we started."

When she was in position he reached down and completely removed her jeans and pants, casually tossing them on the floor. Then he placed his right hand on her bottom and used his left to pull the back of her t-shirt up towards her shoulders.

"No bra." he said as the top of her spine was exposed. "I like that."

He started lightly spanking all over her bottom, letting her get used to the sensation before gradually increasing the intensity of the punishment. Soon she was starting to wriggle slightly and her delicious cheeks were turning crimson. He had no intention of letting up, though, until he knew she was really struggling and so he carried on, determinedly concentrating on covering every inch of her rear, even though she was squirming more and more as the spanking progressed.

"Please. I need a break." She eventually pleaded.

"OK." He said nonchalantly. "My arm is getting a little tired anyway."

While she was resting he gently rubbed her labia with his finger. Pushing them slightly apart he felt her wetness, drawing this upward in slow strokes, he lightly fingered the serrations around her anus, occasionally cheekily probing the entrance. She moaned in pleasure, conscious of the contrast with the intense stinging sensation in her bottom.

"Time to continue." He said, and immediately started spanking her again. This time he concentrated on the centre of her bottom, his hand pushing through so the vibrations travelled throughout the whole of her pelvic area. She soon felt an answering vibration inside her which grew in pleasure, eventually erupting in a volcano of ecstasy, making her tense every muscle in her body to hold on to the feeling. Then she relaxed totally.

She passively allowed him to turn her over on his lap. As she lay there, eyes closed, he slid the fingers of his left hand through her pubic hair and playfully rubbed her clitoris. Post orgasm, this had the effect of an electric shock and she immediately raised her knees to her stomach to trap his hand. John took this opportunity to give her exposed bottom a few more slaps with his other hand.

"You can have a rest again." He said, laughing. "But we haven't finished yet. I'm sure you have another orgasm in you."

Several minutes went by, then John shifted forward and lifted her unresisting body so her legs were astride his left thigh. Tucking her waist under his arm he started administering light sharp smacks to her upturned bottom. The skin on her rear was now so tender that each slap made her flinch, thrusting her directly into his thigh. This movement began reigniting the sensations inside her, gradually firing up the pleasurable energy and resulting in a sensation like a series of aftershocks following the previous eruption. At the end her exhausted body slid slowly to the floor.

Dreamily she looked up at John.

"Make love to me." she said. "I want you now."

He pulled his trousers and pants down and, kneeling in front of her, moistened the head of his erection in her wetness. She angled her hips allowing him to slip inside then slid her tied hands down his spine to press his lower back into her.

The thrusts of their lovemaking rubbed her tender bottom against the rough carpet. When she felt he was near to climax she pushed her hands down further, dug her sharp nails into his bottom and slowly drew them across his skin as he came.

They rested.

"I'll return all the stuff I took." she said after they had lain quietly together for a few minutes. "I didn't really want any of it, I did it just for the excitement. I promise I won't do it again."

"Yes I agree, you must take it back, but perhaps you should reconsider about doing it again so I have more reasons to discipline you. If you ever get caught in the store, I'll just have to cane your bare bottom in front of the store detective."

Her eyes widened. "Bare bottom caning in front of a witness? I think I'd like that. Mmmmmm Yes! I would like that very much."

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My last post was in the midst of last year's brutal winter!

Well, my good friend and frequent video co-star had to move to a state that isn't as easy to travel from for a quick weekend and my situation here as a caregiver makes it hard for me to travel. I have no doubt we'll see each other again but the visits are bound to be fewer and more far between so less spanks will fall :(.

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I have started on a new book but I don't have enough short stories to fill it. I am out of ideas to write. I need more ideas. Feeling depressed. This too will pass. I will get book done by January

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Here is one punishment I gave Bond last month. Problem was our main video camera was not working so this video is from backup camera (we always have 2 running). Video quality is not quite up to par so we are posting the Full video this time. Bond receives quite a whipping in this one and a tiny little strapon at the end. He is whipped a little on his front parts then over the wedge for the rest. This one is pretty harsh for those of you who like to see hard spanking & whipping.

Straps, Canes, Whips, Switches and other fun toys are all used to punish Bond.
Hope you all enjoy this!
Lady M

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I know that I must have, need really, regular cathartic punishment spankings. These spankings must be hard enough and long enough that all feelings willfulness or self are spanked out of me. I must be spanked until all I can think about is that someone else has the right to tell me what to do, to undress me, to spank me, to completely control me, and that I need to be controlled and spanked. I need to be treated like this. I want someone to take me to abject submissiveness, to spank me into so accepting my harsh and humiliating punishment that afterwards I very sincerely thank them, hopefully with tears in my eyes, for disciplining me. There is something very cathartic about being spanked and sent to bed with tears and a very hot sore bottom.

This is not just a little sexual fantasy fulfillment. I really need such periodic punishment spankings. If I don’t get them I feel mentally out of sorts, anxious, distracted and nervous. My ability to concentrate goes to hell. I feel vaguely irritable and don’t pay attention. If I don’t get a spanking I kind of misbehave. The longer I go without a hard spanking the more circuit breakers which control good behavior in my brain start switching off. Click, click, click. I then need a real no-nonsense punishment spanking to reset all of those mental circuit breakers. Really. Turning them on by spanking floods me with endorphins and brings me back to normal. (Well, "normal" for me at least!)

I am sure there are other people who are like this. But the only person I know who has described a similar state of unease and the desire for a spanking in order to feel better is my former girlfriend Anne. And the commonality between us is that we both were given bare bottom parental spankings well into our (admittedly immature) teenage years, sexualized those undressings and spankings, and came to anticipate and actually want them. We both felt fortunate that, unlike most of our friends who missed out on spankings, we still could get them! Really!

I want to know if anyone else has felt and articulated something like that.

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So I was forced to move away. From everything, everyone. 800 miles away, actually. Which means, I had to leave my spankers behind (pun not intended...or was it?). It's now been 5 months since my last spanking. And holy cow, I almost want to drive the 800 miles just to see my spanko friends! I'm just starting to meet people here in the scene which I am happy about, but, I can't just meet people and say "spank me now". It takes time to build trust and all. Ugh, I am so impatient and getting very cranky about this...:: Taking all my happy sparkly glitter and throwing it at everyone in a fit of temper! ::

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Mir geht es wohl so wie vielen, bekomme viel zu selten den Arsch voll, das ist nicht so ganz auf der Wellenlänge meines Partners. Muss das ab und an mal selbst in die Hand nehmen... Nach Jahren des stillen Genießens hatte ich mich vor ein paar Tagen mal entschlossen mich anzumelden und mal ein paar Bilder einzustellen (sind alle innerhalb weniger Tage aufgenommen).

So brauche ich meinen Hintern, durch die Striemen halt immer spürbar. Das ist schon fast therapeutisch, fühle mich dann ausgeglichener und meine Lust verlagert sich mehr nach hinten :) Könnte mir auch gut vorstellen mal in einen Keuschheitsgürtel gesteckt zu Werden, um dann regelmäßig den Arsch voll zu Bekommen.

Später mehr wie ich hoffe,
Grüße sorestefan

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Good moaning everybody!
Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing weekend. I have been smoking way more than i need to, and trying to stop using smoking as a way to cope with other issues. I chew gum and i actually got some patches from my doctor but idk how i feel about the chemical it releases into your blood, but i guess it cant be worser than all the toxins cigarettes carry. I have been really stressed and need a release spanking and punishment spanking to help me with the smoking. Actually the kind of spanking i need should be a very long otk with a lot of scolding to help me get back on track. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed so i took a break from school for couple of weeks but i still feel restless and annoyed.the spankings i did receive months ago didnt really do much for me because sound was always an issue with my family in the house so i need a hotel room. Anyway now im further in the country havent really got settled yet, but its nice and peaceful out here, but i still miss home, and the opportunities home has to offer. Also i discovered something that tastes really good yal.. Mrs .smiths dutch apple pie baked in the oven then topped with cinnamon sugar, sliced banannas n whip cream!!!!! Omg you guys its so fkn good !!! A lot better than cigarettes! Right now i just want to be given a good otk and then held and told everything is going to be alright ...:( well hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Xoxo TyGrr

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I am professing my love for Sylvia, the sweetest girl in the world this evening! If If I could yodel, her name would be heard from the tallest mountain, if I could sing, the sweet melody would be heard from me everywhere I go, if I could dance I would do the ole soft shoe to her side everyday. However, its just humble old me, telling you guys how fortunate I am to live in love.

I will always be grateful to this site for bringing us together. My love for you is eternal, sweetheart.

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Dedicated to all the Super Men I’ve known.

Off with the cape,
Off with the tights,
Get yourself over here,
The time is just right.

A good boy you mostly are,
But the stress has been high.
Over my knee you go—
You resign with a sigh.

I rubbed the paddle with Kryptonite,
So the sting will be great.
And don’t you think for a moment
The count will stop at eight.

You need a sore bottom,
You need a good cry,
All your whining and complaining
Has my nerves all awry

You’ll be happy for this spanking,
You’ll feel so over the moon.
But you won’t feel like sitting,
I’m happy to say, any time soon.

©2015 CLG0413

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I've just read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure. It's the first book in the erotic Sleeping Beauty quartet centered on spanking and sadomasochism. It is included in the list of 100 most challenged books of 1990. I think many of you may enjoy these books. I most enjoyed the psychological aspects explored in the book, as well as a creative darkly erotic take on Sleeping Beauty.

For more info, refer here:

If you have however read any of these books already, let me know what you thought of it.

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He checked the door handle. Unbelievably, it was unlocked. Slipping inside, he stripped off his clothes. The room was steamy and warm. Lara hummed softly. He slid the shower curtain open.
Lara stood in the spray, her head tilted back, eyes closed. Her peach-tipped breasts were lifted and separated with the graceful arch of her upper-back. His gaze traveled down her flat belly to ogle her trim little mons and, below it, the slender shapely legs. He drank in the sight of her as if it, alone, might nourish him.
Her lids opened then flew wide.
He clapped a hand over her mouth. “Don’t scream,” he murmured. It would damage his ego if Alyx thought she didn’t want him in here. Of course, there was a good chance she didn’t.
He eased his hand away. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
She blinked, still looking confused.
He stepped all the way in, trusting the cast on his foot was as waterproof as she’d promised. He gave her the full view of his rather eager manhood. “May I help?”
Her blush charmed him and, when she stepped back, as if to make room for him, he claimed the victory.
He picked up her wrists and pinned her back against the shower wall, the spray of water catching him across the shoulders. He twirled his tongue over her nipple, licking it into a stiff point before sucking, hard then lifted his head to look at her face. Her flush wasn’t of the innocent kind this time—she had pure passion written on her face.
He smiled. Bending to her neglected nipple, he nipped it with his teeth. She jerked in surprise. He laved it with his tongue, then flicked it with the tip.
He spun her around. “Hands against the wall; stick your ass out.” His voice sounded rough and growly.
Amazingly, she obeyed. He wondered how he’d missed the exact point at which he’d won her submission. Or maybe he hadn’t. Maybe she simply wanted him as much as he wanted her. He tested it. Drawing back his hand, he landed a sharp smack on her left cheek, watching as it flattened and sprang back under his hand.
“Ow!” She sounded indignant and frowned over her shoulder, but he noticed she stayed in position. “What was that for?”
“My pleasure.” He smacked the other cheek.
She gasped.
When he slid his fingers between her legs, he found her folds slick and swollen. “And yours.”
She made an indistinct sound. He thought it might be of confusion. She still hadn’t reconciled her own attraction to domination and pain.
“Spread your legs.”
She widened her stance. He brought his hand up, between her legs, spanking her pussy.
“Oh,” she squealed. “What are you doing?”
“I’m spanking your beautiful little pussy. Do you know why, Doctor?”
She shook her head.
He slapped her again. “Answer me with words.”
“No, sir.” Her voice sounded choked like the words had raced each other out her mouth.
Damn, there was that sir thing again. It seemed less strange to him this time. He hadn’t wanted or deserved her respect before; he’d only required her compliance so he could keep her safe. Now, he reveled in her deference, as if he’d earned it.
He leaned forward and put his lips near her ear. “Because you love it.” He rubbed two fingers over her slick entrance again. “Don’t you?”
She whimpered.
He spanked her little pussy again then slid his fingers into her moist heat and pumped twice. “Don’t you?” He withdrew his fingers completely.
“Tell me what you want.”
“You. I want you.”
“However you want to give it to me.”
His knees nearly buckled. Dear UG, he really had won her submission. The growl in his throat was all animal. All his plans for a long, drawn-out seduction fled as his blood traveled south of his brain.



A Humanitarian Doctor
Dr. Lara Simmons only wants to help the inhabitants of the planet Jesel. The last thing she expects is to be taken prisoner by a rebel faction.

A Dominant Protector
Blade Vengeance isn't about to let anything happen to the beautiful stranger who finds herself far from home and in trouble.But on his planet, the rules are different. Lara's survival depends on her obedience to his rules, and he isn't about to let her forget it.


My newsletter subscribers got this book for only $.99! Sign up so you get special advanced pricing too:

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She is in the hospital again. Nothing bad this time. Precautionary stay due to the fact she has the stomach flu. With all the medication they have her on for the infections from her cut, they say they cannot risk the stomach flu being un-monitored. She should be home tomorrow.

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heute mal ein deutschsprachiger Beitrag

Ich möchte den Fokus auf einen Aspekt richten, der grundsätzlich eine große Bedeutung für mich hat.


Ich meine nicht die "Krokodilstränen", zu denen manche Mädels nach 30 Sekunden neigen, sondern Tränen, die wie ein Sturm wüten und sich nicht so schnell wieder legen.

Hier unterscheide ich nochmal zwischen drei Arten von Tränen.

1.) Der Beginn, die ersten Tränen. Das Mädel hat sich noch unter Kontrolle, auch wenn es die ersten Tränen nicht mehr zurückhalten halten kann. Eine schöne Sache, aber hier geht es gerade erst los.

2.) Tränen in Zusammenhang mit Gegenwehr
Hier beginnt es wirklich interessant zu werden.
Es ist einerseits ein Kompliment/Geschenk, aber noch immer bzw. jetzt erst recht eine Herausforderung.

Aber das Beste kommt zum Schluss.

3.) Tränen ohne Widerstand

Angenommen, sie fängt an zu weinen, aber XY Schläge stehen noch aus.
Ein wunderschönes Gefühl.

Und das gilt auch dann noch, wenn "es" vorbei ist.
Nackt, auf dem Bauch liegend, die Tränen fließen.


Natürlich wollen einige sofort - wie auch immer - getröstet werden und natürlich ist der ganze Vorgang von der jeweiligen Toleranz abhängig, aber wenn Fall Nr. 3 eintritt und beide danach zunächst die Stille wollen...herrlich.

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They say when you drown you experience intense flashbacks from your life
Katlyn was indeed drowning
Freeze frame
The whip was motionless suspended in mid-air, prepared for its cruel descent. All was still, her Fathers expression revealed the effort he was applying to the first stroke, but there was no movement. The tight grip her Mother had on her wrists relaxed. Katlyn stood up and studied them both, the vision was surreal……
Katlyn was confused, she was back in the house, in the living room with her Mother in front of her, clutching one of her Fathers belts. Katlyn became mesmerised as she watched her Mother grab her hand and pull her over to an old chair by the open fire, she could feel the heat emanating from its burning embers. Katlyn was roughly positioned over her Mother’s lap, her skirt raised and her knickers tugged down to expose her flawless cheeks. She watched as her Mother strapped her relentlessly with the belt, stroke after stroke rained down each one laying a wide strip of colour. She could see her Mother talking but she could hear no words.
The whip cut through the air with a hiss. It landed centrally across her bared cheeks – Katlyn let out a scream as the pain registered, she was back, in the stable.
She felt the tightness of her Mothers hands restraining her, all breath had left her lungs and as her Mothers grip tightened further she saw her casual nod and within her field of vision, her Fathers arm raised for the second time.
The tapered leather whip carved its way down and again landed midway across her cheeks. There was an instant response from her flesh, a defined and vivid red welt that spanned both cheeks. At the moment of impact Katlyn again screamed, ‘Please Dad, Mum, stop, I’m sorry, I’ll change, please no more please’
Her pleas for clemency fell on deaf ears. The whip was once more lifted and her Father let out a breath as he brought the fierce leather down on his daughter.
The stroke landed directly over the last, inflaming the already crimson stripe that stood prominent across her otherwise perfect golden brown cheeks. The pain was intense and her tears flowed freely as the pain of the stroke blended with that of the humiliation.
‘Harder Phil, teach her a lesson’ her Mother snarled.
Katlyn was crying uncontrollably, the pain from the previous strokes intensifying as it radiated through her entire form, she felt her body shaking, god this was only three strokes, how many more!
‘Again Phil, Harder’
He raised the whip, Katlyn braced, pulling against her Mother’s iron grip. The crafted leather landed, its vicious tip wrapping itself across her smooth flesh leaving a new ridge of pain.
‘For god’s sake Phil she needs beating properly, here you take her hands, give me the whip’
Katlyn released a guttural sob. She knew that her Father had attempted some level of leniency, her Mother wouldn’t.
She snatched the whip and moved behind Katlyn, barking at Phil to take hold of her hands.
Freeze frame
Where was Simon, Christ, what would he think if he knew this was happening?
Simon was Katlyn’s semi love interest, they had met at a young farmers dance a couple of years ago and had seen each other on and off since, they had ‘clicked’ immediately and their relationship whilst lacking intensity had flourished.
Yes, they had slept together, Simon was an accomplished yet rough lover. His large hands had a coarseness which turned her nipples to stone at the slightest touch. When making love, Simon was the dominant one which Katlyn responded to, but even at the height of passion, there was something missing, something that she craved like a drug.
Her thoughts turned to her last punishment, she had been out with Simon and had returned home drunk. She remembered going to her room and starting to undress for bed. Her Mother had appeared at the door holding the cane. Her Mothers mouth was moving, but again there was no sound. She moved to the bed took two pillows and placed them centrally on the bed. Katlyn watched as without any instruction she positioned herself over the pillows.
Katlyn wanted to cry out for her to stop, but she became captivated by the scene that was unfolding in front of her.
What had I done to deserve this, why was I offering no resistance?
Her hips were directly over the pillows causing her bottom to be raised, high and proud. She reached behind and slowly pulled her crisp white cotton panties down revealing two perfectly formed, unmarked cheeks, offering them to her Mother and to the impending cruelty of the cane. She could see herself crying.
Her Mother gently rested the cane across Katlyn’s naked bottom, raised it and then delivered the first of twelve measured and stinging strokes. Throughout the caning Katlyn watched herself squirming and clearly sobbing, she was surprised at the severity of the caning.
After the twelve strokes had been administered her Mother left the room. Katlyn’s hands explored her bottom, gently investigating the results. Her fingers caressed each of the welts as if counting to ensure that the punishment had been sufficient. When satisfied, she rolled off the pillows, onto her back and her hands moved between her legs. Katlyn watched herself become wet with pleasure.
She questioned, had I actually enjoyed the punishment?
Her Father was now knelt in front of her, tightly clutching her hands, he spoke softly ‘I’m so sorry Katlyn I tried to be as gentle as I could’
She looked up and through her tears saw her Mother caressing the whip. It’s okay Phil, leave this to me now, I know what she needs, you just keep tight hold of her’.
She moved to her side, Katlyn let out a loud sob – ‘Please Mom, please, please don’t whip me, I will be good I promise’.
‘This is the only way Katlyn, you know deep down that this is necessary, what you need, what you want’.
Katlyn sank her head into the hay bales and in preparation she drew a deep breath. The whip cut the air like a scythe and hit a virgin area of her cheeks, any composure was immediately lost, the pain unbearable, she released a scream within which the plea of ‘No more, please, I’m so sorry’ was buried.
Her Mother continued thrashing Katlyn, each lash stronger and more purposeful than the previous. Katlyn’s perfect cheeks were no more, they were alight, burnt and the deep red weal’s began to merge.
‘That’s enough now Jen’, Phil had spoken.
Katlyn’s mind raced – No Dad, not yet, god what am I thinking, I want it to continue, the truth was surfacing.
‘I’ll tell you when it’s enough Phil, she’s not ready yet’ – She continued with a further six merciless strokes until finally she put the tool down and called to Phil to release her.
Katlyn was drenched in sweat, part from the warmth of the stable but mainly from the energy she had used to control the pain, energy which had now failed, she was cried out and her entire body slumped over the bales, Her Fathers grip relaxed.
‘Phil’, her Mother motioned, ‘leave her now let her reflect’. With that, both left the stable and Katlyn could hear their footsteps fading as they made their way back to the house.
Katlyn regained her composure, gathered up her long tear soaked hair, wiped it from her face and cleared her vision. Her bottom felt heavy, raw and tender from the savage beating. She reached behind, carefully tracing each of the angry welts with her trembling fingers. She explored further and it was not long before she discovered the fragrant dampness between her thighs. She probed deeper and in doing so, gently fell back across the hay bales. Her fingers had now reached a sweet place which caused her back to arch and her heart raced as she released a shallow moan of pleasure.
It was at that point that Katlyn began to understand the truth, the realisation of why she was there and why she had been subjected to such an ordeal….. Yes, she had wanted it, yes, she had needed it and yes she would ensure that this was not going to be the last time.
As her fingers slid deeper into her tightness, she could feel her muscles contract and the painful heat from her freshly punished cheeks was transcended by a new and overwhelming sensation as her entire body was shattered from the intensity of her climax.
Her body glistened with perspiration and she writhed in that unique moment of complete oneness but as she settled back, her heart rate slowing her thoughts turned to Simon.
What must I do, how will I explain this desire, how can I ever get Simon to take the role?
This was to be a seminal moment in Katlyn’s life and she knew that the next time she was to be punished it would be at the mercy of her lover…Simon.

To be continued

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Views: 603 · Added: 5 days ago

This is my first ever blog.

A very good friend of mine SRC,you all know him
He also as a quieter friend called vlysw.
These two good honourable people are totally appalled,by what they see in the above named video. In their words " this is abuse, plus exploitation,and is not wanted here,or to be encouraged at all ".

Right now it is the new video's section of the home page.
Do view this video, if you can bear it.
Please read the comments.
Then please express your comments ,hopefuly supporting SRC.
To drive this abuse ,and expliotation away from our spanking cummunity.


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I stopped by the market after work today to grab a few things for dinner, when I came out there was a note on my said " Donna- if you want a spanking, be a good girl and text me"...then there was a phone number lmao

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