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So,... topping from the bottom again, are we...?

What I mean, you ask?
Well that’s easy to explain:


You feel neglected, because I didn’t spend as much time with yout today, as I did yesterday… you feel like someone else is more important to me… mmh… Then what, boy?
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrright, you feel like acting up to get my attention, because pissing me off is better than nothing at all, right?

Topping from the bottom, that’s bratting yourself into trouble on purpose, that’s forgetting your manners on purpose (upps! I forgot to call you “ma’am”) that’s spilling my coffee over my lap saying “better the coffee’s over your lap than me, hehe”

Yeah, I’m getting it.

“You’re a brat, you just can’t help it.”
“But it’s all playfuland never meant to be bad!”
“You don’t do it on purpose!” (yeah right!)
“You were born that way!”

Am I close? Yes, figured as much.

Honestly, I don’t tolerate topping from the bottom. If you feel like you need your butt blistered, just ask me, and don’t give me an attitude!

Stop throwing yourself on the floor like a 4yro, throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the supermarket! Yes, not annoying at all!

You want attention?
Ask for it but don’t step on my nerves, boy, because you might get more than you wanted!

Brat, back off! I’m not playing that game! ugh…
Again, sorry, but I had to get rid of this.


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With my own personal spanking Odyssey mainly confined to self flagellation (personal circumstances allowing) with a bit of rare outside help, I am always in awe of lifestyle spankers/spankees personally I always have a period of spankiness roughly every month in which I crave some kind of pain on my bottom, this can be sharp objects pressed to the skin not so much as to bleed but firm pressure or conventional straight forward whacking the feeling of physical well being and being purged is what drives me and then with or without orgasm I am always satiated afterwards.
It is quite difficult for me to find the time to commit to finding a kindred soul and I err towards firm older men or older women to participate its just the way I'm wired,I always appreciate discreet meets in the Essex area and unfortunately am unable to accommodate.
Loving this site and its friendly vibe
Regards chub

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thought I would stir the pot a little.
I met my husband in the BDSM scene in a major city. Initially, I had been looking for Masters with loads of experience that I could learn from. I wanted to take my newly shed divorced self, graft it to my new BDSM self and upon creating a new life for myself...Find a long term relationship in which to exercise my new self.

I ended up in a contract relationship, which eventually turned to marriage, which produced a child. The 'playtime' and experience I gained I loved but currently, do not have much of a place for it in my physical reality.

We play a few times per year. I have wanted to reinvent our personal contract to better suit who we are in the now. He seems to have no interest in reinventing anything. Hmmm I ask does this sound like a reaction to a lifestyle choice or perhaps it was only a fad all along...for one or for both participants

love hearing from folks feedback is always interesting :-)

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Last night we went out to the pub to meet friends, we had a lovely evening but got home later than we planned, plus we thought we were going to have a meal but didn't. So we got home at 10.30pm, and both of us rushed to get anything for a tea. I ate some toast but started to feel sick so I left it ad went to bed. It was after 11pm by the time I got to sleep.

The dogs decided to wake me.barking on the stairs, The cat was outside, miaowing loudly to come in then the next door neighbours came home rather noisily. That was 2 am. So I got up.

G was at the Dr's at 9.10 am, and it's not far from E's work, so I decided ask if he would mind taking him to work on the way to the Dr's. He said, "Nor=t really, I kinda just wanna go the Dr's then head to work." He was already in work mode.
"But you will be nearly there,so you could take him on the way." I stated.
"Not really, I'd have to go past the Dr's, drop him off, then come back again." He told me.
"Fine, if you don't wanna take him, I'll do it, I just thought It was on the way." I said very stroppily.
"But it's not really on the way." G said.
"OK, Fine. I will do it." I said, I was fuming. As I knew we would be leaving at the same time, following each other in the cars until the last section, where it's about 2 minutes to drop him off and get back to where I was.
I wasn't dressed by then, mainly because I thought G would do the lift, so I got up and said I'd better get my shower then. I was in a mega strop.
"Hang on, I need the bathroom." He said.
"Fine." I just said, sitting back down again, Miss Stubborn and Miss Brat were appearing.
I went upstairs to make the bed, tidy up and choose clothes to wear, G finished in the bathroom and went to his office.
I fumed in the shower, then went to lie on the bed to dry off. G had gone downstairs and quite frankly, I didn't want to speak to him, so staying out of the way was the best option.
But eventually the time came to go downstairs, I had chores to do.
I popped my head into E's bedroom to check he was awake he was so I knew I didn't have to call him again.

I went down and G tried to start conversations but got no where with me.
"What's the matter ? Why are you in a mood ?" He asked, I knew he was now in a nark too.
"Nothing. " I told him, as I tidied up, gave the dogs their medication, sat down to put my make-up on, Still not speaking.
Then I got up to start tidying the kitchen. G stood up and asked again what was up, Are you tired.
I gave a snotty, "Well, yeah obviously." reply back.
"I'm only trying to make polite conversation, shouldn't have fucking bothered." He retorted.
A sure sign he was now in a deep nark with me as he never uses the F word normally.

I then started to concentrate on cleaning the kitchen, then emptying the dishwasher.
"I think your morning spanking is necessary now." He told me. I ignored him and carried on in the kitchen.
After a minute or 2, he came into the kitchen, paddle in his hand. I continued to ignore him.
When I finished emptying it, I started to reload, when G said, "Morning spank now."
I threw him a filthy look and walked into the living room, hitched up my skirt and knelt on the chair.
There was no little hand rub or tickle with the paddle, just a sudden excruciatingly hard swat. I gripped the back of the chair, as he finished 10 on my right cheek and started on my left. It was so hard but I refused to make much noise and I certainly wasn't gonna cry. After that 10 I tried to move back, but he pushed me back down and held me there. "Stay back down." He ordered.
I did a count in my head, it helps me get through the spankings, especially when they're a punishment and very hard.
Finally the 10 was up, I stood up, face frosty, glaring anywhere but at him.
"I do not like morning attitudes, you know that. So step outta it. Do you hear me ?" G asked.
"Yes " I said disrespectfully. "Do you want another spanking ?" He asked. "No." I replied, like a stroppy teenager.
He handed me the paddle to put away, "Thank you for my morning spanking, Master." I told him, how can I describe my voice..........sarcastic / mean'ish / very stroppily / bratty / bitchy. Do you get the idea ?

I walked back into the kitchen to continue. I didn't do contemplation time nor did I ask if I could do it after, as E was now up.
As I expected we all left at the same time, we followed G towards the Dr's until we turned right. 2 minutes later I had dropped E off and was headed home again. It would have taken at the most another 5 minutes to do this for me.That's why it pissed me off.

Usually by now I wudda sent an apology message to Master, whilst he was at work.
He must be very very busy as I've had no messages regarding my strop this morning.
I'm gonna go to bed now, see if I can snooze as G wont be home til nearer 6 pm today. I'm not sure this will be the end of the matter, I've a feeling not, so have to wait and see. But it was not a good start to the day.

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Last weekend Jen and I travelled back to Co.Wexford for a meeting of our Circle. We had all decided to dress,as close as we could,in school uniform.Jen always looks very sexy in her school uniform,we purchased this uniform from a seller in Amsterdam two years ago and it really suits her. Sir D started the proceedings by giving each of us,11 naughty people,a list of rules which had to be obeyed.We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of spankings,slipperings and canings dished out to errant 'schoolies'. Having a past in the education process I found myself appointed Vice Principal of our little 'sitting room school'; a role I enjoyed when it came to administering spankings to Miss C,Miss F and Jen. Much to Jen's delight all present admired her school uniform.the guys at our Circle meeting found it very fetching and two 'naughty boys' found themselves receiving the cane from Sir D for making 'improper suggestions to Jennifer during History class'.

As usual in our Circle we do some cooking and like to sit around and have good food and even better drink. The adage 'drink loosens tongues' became evident when Miss G admitted to stealing a book a few years ago in a convent school in the West of Ireland,when she said this everyone went quiet and expected her to relate what happened when she was caught. It turned out that Miss G was never brought to book,pardon the pun, for her act of theft. She explained that she had been given lines and detention by a nun,a nun who always had a copy of 'Confessions by St.Augustine' on her desk. One day Miss G entered the classroom of this nun when no one else was about and decided to exact revenge for the lines and detention by stealing the nun's book. Miss G went on to relate to us that later that day she took satisfaction watching the nun check all the drawers in her desk for the book,Miss G told us that she had to surpress a fit of laughter as she and her classmates watched the nun search the entire classroom for St.Augustine but to no avail.The poor nun began to think that she had left the book somewhere else and left the class to begin a search. As Miss G told us what she had done Sir D tutted loudly. Miss C looked at me.Jen laughed. Another member of our Circle Miss N thought that is was 'not nice'. The guys laughed and urged Miss G to get to the part when she was punished,it was at that point that Miss G informed us that she had never been punished because she had never been caught. I remembered my reading of St.Augustine many years ago now and a quote came to mind 'The mind commands the body and is instantly obeyed'. I quoted this to the Circle and Miss G all of a sudden looked guilty. Sir D decided that it was high time Miss G was punished and both he and I took it in turns to berate Miss G and administer a long over due punishment.

As for the book Miss G stole we all wanted to know what she had done with it.In her panic she had put it in her school bag,Jen having a legal/criminal mind told her that this was silly,the evidence should always be discarded,this made everyone laugh. It turns out that Miss G is still in possession of the book,which I thought a bit disturbing,like a hunter keeping a trophy. Miss G asked what she should do now,almost nine years later,with the book? Some said keep it as a keep sake,Sir D said leave it in a church.I think she should post it back to the convent and address the package to the nun and include a letter apologizing,keep it anonymous if she wants ,but I think returning the book would be the right thing. However a vote was taken within the group and the majority ruled that Miss G should keep the book as a reminder of her school days.

Our next Circle meeting is in three weeks at our house,my niece and her boyfriend are going to Greece on holidays,so a bit of peace will be nice,lol.Have a great week my friends and for those of you who have messaged me,the cows are keeping fine and I am getting use to being ankle deep in shhhhhh!!!!

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The key went in the door, and I swear I was going to confess but the words just stuck in my throat and wouldn't come out.
He kissed me ..I squeezed him back, he pulled my shoulders away and said 'you ok Baby?'
'Of course I am' I said
'Got anything to say to me?'says he.
'Nooooooo' says I.
'Ok, so you wanna tell me why my car is facing the opposite direction to the way I left it yesterday?' He says all calmly.
Then he calmly walks out the front door, saying as he goes 'if you've done anything to that car, god help your backside little girl'
Now my insides are doing backflips and somersaults, half scared half excited, a good spanking can lead to incredible sex.
When he came back indoors his face was white!
'What the fuck is wrong with you' he screamed. 'Did I not tell you, you were not to drive my car today?'
'Yes,but' was my pathetic reply.
'No buts, just go to bed, get upstairs, and wait, I can't deal with you while I'm so angry'
When he finally opened our bedroom door, I was sitting, trying to look all contrite and suitably guilty,with my arms wrapped round my knees.
'Why have you got pyjama bottoms on?' He says.
' told me to go to bed!'
'Really, you think giving me attitude is a good idea right about now?'
All I could then manage was a whine lol. He told me to 'Stand up and take them off' he sat on the bed and threw me over his knees, spanks rained down hard and fast, not the way I like it. I was fast realising that this probably wasn't going to lead to fantastic sex tonight. I pleaded with him through real tears to stop and that I was sorry.
'Oh you're gonna be little girl' was his reply. He did stop when I brought out the 'please stop, I love you card.' (works every time)lol.
My punishment also includes not being allowed my iPad (I found his)not being allowed to stay up past 8pm ...until I learn the meaning of
'not allowed' He reckons I've done a grands worth of damage, such an exaggerated guess.

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I have been spanked with lots of implements in my time, I think the cane has to be the worst though. I first got it at 21 . Me and my girlfriend at the time spanked each other, she also had a friend that joined us a lot . I made my girlfriend mad the night before and she said she was going to bust my ass in the morning, she woke up late and had to go to work, so she told me to be bent over the bed naked when she got home, half way through the day she tested me saying that she told her friend to administer the spanking , so her friend knocks on the Door with a belt in her hand, we go to the living room and I take my pants off, she belted me 25 times over my underwear , I was told by my girlfriend that it was to be bare butt with the paddle and she wanted me to be spanked over the knee with the hairbrush, I didn't tell her friend that , so when she got home she said they talked and that I should have told her what I was supposed to get, her friend came back over with a cane.... And they both took turns swatting my bottom bare with the cane. Most pain I felt , so when her friend was due for a spanking I got my revenge, I had her strip.naked in front of my girlfriend gave her 3 minutes otk with my hand, then pulled the paddle out and whipped her till she was screaming, revenge was sweet that day

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So this is a true story, even though it sounds like erotic fiction,
When I was 19 I was at a friend's house, we were in the experimental phase in life. We have had sex once before this day, his mother left to go to the store so we figured we'd mess around, after a couple minutes kissing he went to make sure his mom was gone and the front door was locked, we laid together and kissed on each other for a while before we both ended up naked rubbing on each other, so I suck his cock for a while then we trade places, realizing it had been 30 minutes we figured we'd better hurry just in case she came home quick. So as were lubing up we heard a noise and figured it was the cat, big mistake, so after a couple minutes of him fucking me his mom walks right in his room and didn't say a word, just stood there. She eventually mustered up and made us get dressed , she watched us get dressed and he came inside the condom so he had to pull that off in front of her. So she walks out and tells us to sit in the living room, after 15 minutes she came in with a paddle and a belt and says either we settle this here or we call your parents, now I knew my mom was going to give her the green light on a spanking because she had spanked me 3 times before, I knew I was going to get it twice anyway if she called so we picked to settle it there, yes I know, who gets spanked at 19? I did, it was a rule with my mother and aunt that I spanked still if I lived there, so his mom orders us to our underwear and puts him in the corner , she sat down and had me bend over her knees, she started off very strong with her hand , again I was in a phase so I had a man thong on, so it hurt bad, after my time was up she told me to go cut 6 switches from the backyard, and if they weren't big enough, she would run that paddle across my ass until I screamed, so I did.I tried to put my pants on and she got up and whacked the legs with the belt , so I went out back in a thong and cut switches After finding all 6 I went back to him still being spanked over his underwear, we sliced the switches, and she made us stand face to face, pulled our underwear down and started with him, she used 3 different switches on him until he was fully in tears, then it was my turn , she used the other 3 on me as I screamed and cried begging her to stop, saying I was sorry and all that, after that she went in he room and we stood in corners sobbing, thinking it was over, we were allowed to put our clothes back on and sent to his room with the door open of course, so we watched tv in his room until right before I was supposed to go home, I walked out of his room to see my mother standing there, his mom called him out, they had a talk with us , and told us we were going to be punished every night before bed for the next week, before we left my mom made me pull my pants down to see my butt, it was red and purple, she didn't think it was enough so she asked for the paddle, which made me cry instantly , instead his mom pointed out she had a razor strap and it would sting just as much, so she took me into his bedroom bent me over the bed pulled my pants down and gave me 20 swats for misbehavior and then 5 for my underwear being a thong, all the while.he's in the other room taking a belt across his butt while he's bent over grabbing his ankles, all together the worst spanking I've ever had, we kept our sexual escapades to the woods after that,

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Janie and Evan came out of the jewelry store, hand in hand. They could pick up the ring in two days. The energy between the two of them had changed considerably. But Janie still had something on her mind. Janie knew that emotionally, she became stressed and it could go terribly wrong. The boys could spank the girls, but could it go the other way? Not Evan, of course. He'd never allow such a thing. But maybe, something like Raven did... could she learn to do that, without being sexual? She was a King … maybe, it was in her blood. Perhaps, that was why she was so defiant. She'd been raised, almost solely, by her father. She took after him,it seemed to Janie. She did think, sometimes, that she'd like to be on the other end of that strap.

Her Father was insistent that Raven stop being a Dominatrix, because she was to be his wife. Raven's daughter could not take over the business either, because she would be Dylan's wife. No woman married to a King, could be a dominant. She, however, wasn't going to marry a King though. She was one.

Janie could do nothing about it now, except express an interest in running the Club. It was a family business. With Raven stepping into the role of David's wife. She would not be able to manage the club alone. She couldn't see the boys managing Raven's Nest. They'd want bigger things, but Janie wanted to stay close to home. She'd watch and learn. They were staying at the club, for a while. She'd ask Evan to show her more about what went on there.When she thought about it all, it did stir a certain amount of excitement in her. She would have to be on her best behavior. She had to learn how to submit herself, if she ever hoped to become an Dominatrix. Her enthusiasm for learning had just taken a huge leap forward.

They returned to the club, in time for lunch. She was still awfully sore, but she was happier than she'd been in quite some time. She'd have to feel out the subject with Evan. She had the perfect vehicle to do so… the impending marriage of her Father to Raven. She'd ask him about what Raven did. It was a completely natural thing for her to be curious about. Raven was going to become her step mother.

“Could we have lunch down here, Evan? Let's celebrate our engagement! It's been so heavy and gloomy, with all that training and fighting. I just want to look around and have some fun together.” Janie inquired happily, being sure to show affection to Evan. She didn't have to pretend. She had forgiven him. The sadness and anger, that had followed her over the past weeks did seem to be gone, now. She hoped it was gone for good.

“Great idea, Janie. Shall we go to the restaurant or would you prefer to eat in the Lounge? Either way, let's just enjoy today. Maybe, we'll share a bottle of bubbly.” Evan was so glad to see Janie, acting like her old self. It was such a relief. He just wanted to make her happy. He loved her, even if she was a firecracker.

“Let's eat and then go see the floor shows. I've never really gotten to watch. The only time I've been in there, was when I was on the stage!”, Janie said, giggling. “I'm sure I'd prefer being in the audience. It's the weekend, so there should be something going on.”

Evan was surprised, at first, to hear that she wanted to watch the shows. She had been very sheltered though, it was natural, that she'd be curious. He didn't know if David would approve, but he didn't mind. It might show her that submission wasn't all that rare. “Alright, Janie, that sounds like fun. Are you sure? Some of it will be shocking, I'm sure.”

“I know, Evan, but I want to know, what it's all about. The family invested a lot of money in this business. I'll be working for our companies soon enough. I don't want to be in the dark, anymore. I'm all grown up now. I'm tired of being treated like a child. How can everyone expect me to behave like an adult, while they continue to think of me as a little girl? I want to be taken seriously, and I can't do that, if I don't know what people are talking about. Teach me, Evan. I want to learn.”

Alright, Janie. Let's do that! The thought of watching erotic shows with Janie, was making him hard. He was done thinking constantly, about what David would think, in regard to Janie. They had to make their own way. “Well then, let's start in the Lounge. That's where things begin, for the most part. At least until a customer finds someone they like.”

Janie and Evan enjoyed their lunch, and drank several glasses of champagne, until they were both a little buzzed. Janie watched Raven's girls and even some of her handsome men, work the room. She could tell when someone was interested, and for the most part, the male clientele chose their company, among Raven's beauties, and left together. Evan explained there were lots of kinds of rooms, depending on the client's’ taste.

The two of them, went to the entertainment complex. Evan led her to the front of the featured attraction. It was a demonstration of sex and in bondage. A beautiful, nearly naked, young lady was tied, in a bent over position. Her ankles were bound to her thighs, which were spread. Her hands were bound behind her back. She was secured over her shoulders with a beautiful series of knots, that formed a kind of harness The ropes crisscrossed and encircled her breasts. She was, also, tightly attached to a table. The table sat on a lazy Susan type of platform, which slowly turned so that the audience could see all of her. Janie was so enthralled. She'd never seen anything like that before. She found it very difficult to be still when she was being punished. She wondered how it would feel, not to have to try and control your body. Could you just relax and feel the sensations?

A well chiseled, handsome Dominant entered the stage, carrying a leather covered paddle, a feather, and oil. He toyed with the lovely, ensnared maiden. He whacked her. He tickled her. He licked her and entered her, with his fingers. He oiled her bottom and thighs, so that the stage lights made them glisten.

He began spanking her bottom and thighs, very hard, with the leather. Her voice was the one thing, that was unrestrained. She didn't hold back. She vocalized every smack. She groaned loudly as his fingers entered her. She screamed, as he delivered blow after blow to her thighs. Even the tender areas between her legs was not spared. He tugged and twisted her nipples.
She was caught between the throes of pain and pleasure, as he slid his head between her legs and gave her clit the full attention of his tongue, teeth and lips, all the while smacking her already crimson bottom.

Two attendants joined them onstage and rearranged a few ropes. Then a motorized pulley, hoisted her, still folded body, off the table, which was removed from the stage. The ropes suspended her tightly, from four directions, two above, to two posts that were part of the platform and two to the floor of platform below. The man removed his thong, revealing his large erection. He slowly entered her, without touching her with anything but his cock. The stage rotated, so you could see every millimeter of his shaft, as it penetrated her. Her red ass and legs were shimmering under the colored lights that danced around them.
Her sounds were so sensuous and his grunts, lustful and primal. Soon, he was thrusting in and out of her, testing the resilience of the restraints. He pulled back her forehead as she came in shuddering cries, her mouth open, gasping for air, as he rubbed her clit and pounded himself against her. All you could hear was the wet sounds of sex and the slap of his body, hitting hers.

There must have been a microphone, amplifying the sound. Janie had soaked her panties straight through. Evan was hard as a rock. She couldn't believe how turned on, she was. She wondered how it would feel to be that girl!! How would it feel to be the one who held the paddle? She didn't know which, appealed to her more, but Janie wanted to be tied. She wanted to feel helpless to move. She was funny to see how it felt to just let go and scream, and cry, and CUM!

Mmmmmm….She was glad that her ass was sore. She wiggled it on her seat, She crossed her legs and squeezed really tight, so her tight slacks were rubbing her clit and her bottom throbbed. She almost came right there and then.

Janie whispered in Evan's ear. “Let's go upstairs.”. They were up, holding hands hurrying to the elevator laughing. She wanted him! Although they could not have intercourse, Janie was determined to share something very special with her beloved. “Are there ropes in the room?”

“There are all kinds of things in the room, Janie. I can't wait to show you! Did you want me to tie you up?”

“Oh my God, YES!,” she laughed. The elevator door opened and they were alone. Evan took her wrists and pinned them over her head, and kissed her hard against the wall, letting her feel his hard on, against her. They were still kissing, as the doors opened and they stumbled out into the hallway and giggled excitedly, as the fumbled with the key card, to get into their room. They were dropping their clothes, on the way to the bed. They were not following David's rules. They couldn't even remember what they were, at that moment. They were too far gone

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If you want to then you may

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current listen - the Garza brothers - better known as: Los Lonely Boys

(I've lived in the desert of the Southwest,
very hip to the TexMex sound)

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So tell me how I'm in the market and this little girl who looks like she's about 8 years old( much too old ) was sitting in a Stroller. She kept staring at me like I stole her tooth fairy money! Lmao So me being the "ADULT" I smiled and waved at her. Her little ass rolled her eyes at me all stank. So me being who the fuck I really am (cause an 8 yr old aint gonna punk me) I asked her mother if I could give her some candy. The mom said yes, sure. I told the girl to put it in her pocket for later, she smiled and did it. I smiled right back and then walked over to a worker and told them the little girl just stole M&M'S. The worker said "Thanks for letting us know, I'm so sick of these parents not controlling their children". Manager walks over to the mother and asked to empty the girl's pockets. I then shoot the girl the middle finger, laughed and walked out the store. DON'T PLAY WITH ME YOU LIL BITCH!!.... ..just kiddin lol lol

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suche in und um Berlin geile Guys für geiles und ausgiebiges spanken, jemand Zeit und Interesse, bin sowohl aktiv als auch passiv, 49,175,75

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To this tradition I say no. I do not need one.

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DO NOT USE MY CAR TODAY. those were his last words before he left for work this morning.
I had to go out, last chance to pick up a friends birthday gift before birthday bash tomorrow.
My profile pic used to say 'fuck final thought before making most decisions' well that was the thought process I used while reversing his pride and joy Range Rover Vogue off the drive. Every thing was fine...I'd be home before him and he'd be none the wiser. That was until I tried negotiating a multi story car park! Now the whole passenger side has a huge scrape from front to rear.
Do you all think he'll just shout at me?
Do I run away?
Do I tell him that a kid must of come by and keyed the side?
If I were your other half, wouldn't you just be glad I wasn't hurt and be lenient?

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thanks you all for the comments on my last blog... was dealing with some real life DRAMA now iam back ... still have the DRAMA but iam ok dont worry ... iam still a good girl need a good stress release .. ass whooping smiling

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We all start some where. Lets not forget how much we've changed or the battles we've fought getting where we are now. Never give up! Things will change and life really can get better.

Happy spanks my peoples,

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I wanted to tell you how it came about that I did not go to a very special event that I had been looking forward to – It had actually been going on for a little while now, but as it was a case of “Spiritual Warfare” – I said nothing – I think you will understand, as the story unfolds – but just to set your mind at rest, dispite some problems, I am completely sure, with a good ending!

About 3 weeks before, at church, I got the feeling that God did not want me to go to this event – but I had been looking forward to it for so long (Nearly a year) – so I tried to just ignore the feeling! – I’m only human! - I wondered if God wanted me to give up all Fetish activities – but that didn’t make sense – I KNOW that I am an honest “Witness” in the Fetish World, not only to my Faith, but ALSO to the fact that one CAN have an active interest in Fetish, and still be Christian! (I am UTTERLY convinced, that God WANTS His Servants to bear witness there, where so many churches are terribly prejudiced) - but still the feeling persisted, and got stronger! (God is patient, but He is also persistant!)

Things came to a head in the Church service the day before – we had Communion, and I even wondered if I should take it! Then I realised that the “Sin” I was contemplating, was NOT the Fetish aspect, it was “Rebellion” against what the Holy Spirit was positively “Screaming at me”, to get my attention! – the rest of the Service seemed to underline that feeling! The Holy Spirit DOES speak to His Children, it is NOT something that “Died” after the Bible was written! – I came to realise that God was NOT saying there was anything wrong with what I am doing in this – but He WAS asking me if I was putting my enjoyment BEFORE Him? – If you like, He was putting me to the test – was this event, that I had been so looking forward to, more important to me than what God wanted? – Put THAT way – the answer HAS to be “NO”!

There was once a little Childrens song? – “I fought the Lord, and the Lord WON”? – Well, at heart, I was “fighting” the Lord- but in my heart, I know the Lord HAS to “Win” HE is my GOD, and He MUST come first! – Once I had sent my cancellation, and apologies – I got my peace back – yes I am sad to miss it – but I am sure that I have NOW got my “Priorities Right”

There is still of course my human curiosity as to WHY God would choose THIS specific event – well I can see a number of possible reasons:
1. It MAY be a simple warning, not to let my Fetish become TOO strong in my life (“All things in Moderation”)
2. It MAY be a test – NOT to satisfy God, He knows the answer already, but for MY benefit, to give ME confidence to do more work for Him in the area of witnessing to the Fetish World!
3. He MAY be warning me against some unknown danger, maybe a terrible traffic accident, or maybe someone He does not want me to associate with there – such a warning could be practical, Spiritual, or even to keep me from some temptation – I have no idea, and maybe never will do in this life!

We are in GOD’S hands, and sometimes He says “NO”, but when He does, His wisdom is infinitely greater than any Human “Father” (or Surrogate! He He!)

I hope this may interest you, not only at the “Curiosity level”, but also in an understanding of “Spiritual Warfare”! satan is ALWAYS trying to trap us with his snares – but despite what some think, GOD is my “Strong Tower” - “my defence in times of Trouble” and THAT is what Faith is all about!

This is just a small, but true story, of the practical outworking of my Faith, and my Fetish life – I am not trying to Claim “I AM RIGHT!” but rather to show how important it is, to keep close to God, and HIS purposes – And I hope also, to say it is not “Fetish” that is sinful, but rather the way we may be tempted to use it!

God Bless you all.

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