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Looking to switch and try out my submissive side. Any female spankers out there?

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it has been a long time coming, i havent had alone time in a couple months. tonight i am by myself.i am a naughty boy who needs regular soon as i got home by my self i went straight upstairs and stripped off all my clothes. completely naked i spread out over my bed. i didnt waste any time.....i picked up the hairbrush and began spanking my naked bottom. swat after swat, hard and fast, giving myself a proper spanking..........after awhile i switched to the belt. i spank myself as hard as i can because i know i deserve it.i spank my self as hard as i can because i know if i was bent over mommies lap she would punish me or if i was bent over my wifes lap she would punish me.
i am consumed by my need for a proper spanking

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Every once in a while, you find yourself in exactly the right place, at exactly the right moment. Planets align, the karma wheel turns, your longshot comes in. I'd like to share with you one of those moments.

I happened, as with most Sundays, to find myself at the grocery store (I take an elderly parent there to do the weekly shopping). This takes considerable time to accomplish. On a blustery day of a year or so ago, I found myself standing curbside, just outside the door, having one of the several smoke breaks I take on shopping day. The wind was gusting and I was being teased with a few fluttering skirts. And then it happened. The planets aligned, the karma wheel turned, and a long shot came in.

It is an upscale neighborhood and I was already being eyed as suspect, smoking a cigarette and all. and looking like I was loitering with intent (I was). The women stopping after church were decked out in female finery, skirts, heels and pantyhose. Throw in a gusting wind and you just can't beat that combination (I have even devoted an entire photo gallery to wind blown skirts btw).

I was in the process of lighting a cigarette when a well coiffed attractive woman, 40ish, stepped out wearing a very flimsy and very short skirt. Our eyes met and she summed up the situation accurately (the whole loitering with intent thing). I was indeed watching for a wind blown skirt. The situation was shaping up nicely in my favor. She had her purse over her shoulder and carried grocery bags in both hands (probably just needed a few things for Sunday dinner). There wasn't a free hand available to hold to the hem of the skirt. I smiled, she frowned, and with a slight shrug of her shoulders, she stepped off of the curb while the gusting wind immediately inverted the back of her skirt.

She proceeded across the lot without a scurry to her step. In fact, I got the impression that she may have even slowed a bit. As her hips swayed I was treated to a full on view of very shapely legs, a very shapely bottom, and sheer to the waist pantyhose. I almost dropped my cigarette. There is a God (a pantyhose god anyway) as her skirt remained up, with her bottom exposed, for her entire venture to her car.

I watched as she stepped into what was quite likely the most expensive car on the lot (convertible BMW I believe, if memory serves me) and then circled the lot to make her exit. As she passed by, she smiled and waved reinforcing my belief that, on the rare occasion, longshots do come in.

(to whoever it is out there that invented pantyhose I say: thank you, thank you, bless you. I would certainly vote for you for any public office that you would be foolish enough to pursue)

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I am going to buy a piece of ginger root for my assignment.
Gosh I am shaking just think about the burning.

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Dark is the sky
Happiness gone
Depression Arise
Friend or foe
Dark angel appeared
Like the angel of death
The sky is pitch black
Anger is all I feel
Hate was all I felt
Depressing is this poem
Dark, Dark, Dark
Hope is gone
I don't care at all

Clouds part
Like drapes on a stage
Depression a mirage
Happiness coalesce
Enemies become friends
Angel of death thwarted again
Anger and hate fade away
Sweet and loving restored
A rebirth of sorts
Filled with hope once more

Depressing was this poem
Hope was all gone
I didn't care at all
Yet just like the fog
A mist blown away

Love in the air
Songs in my heart
Sweet Angels appear
Soaring up there
Singing everywhere
Ready to play
To live once again

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So I want to hear what your favorite spanking is. Whether it is one that you have gotten your self or that you gave to someone else.

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Hi I'm a very experienced spanker based in the UK Midlands and often in London and Essex, I'm looking to visit girls and boys

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"Owwwwwww!, her body swung, as the Dragon Cane whacked her cheeks. Her ankles were pulled high above her head, and her arms cuffed to the front legs of the bench. The pain was severe, the welt thick and brusing deep, from just a single swing of a cane.
"Oh, my, Miss Cloud, that was a perfect stroke. The stripe is already rising with color. I'm pleased to use my new cane, on such a naughty bottom." Mr. Stern was delighted in the results. He'd like to thrash her, but then the fun would be over & there was many hours to go.
He studied her bottom suspended in the diapering position. He added some more oil and let it pool in between her cheeks.
He pulled the halfs apart, and ran his hand between them, making his finger greased and ready. At the foot of the bench, his pants grew tight, as his fingers slid from between her bottom to her lovely velvet lips. There he met a juicy welcome. He circled her clit, with his fingertip. He used his other hand to open her flower, stretching her petals and exposing both her clitoris and her well. He lightly, very lightly tapped at the hardening button that crowned her maiden head. Sassy tried to push against him, but succeeded only in swinging her legs and bottom.
Stern took a small metal device from his shelf. It was much like a large bobby pin,
only the hole at the bend was larger, the metal thicker with each tail ending in a loop. He took the tight end and pinching her clit, slid the clip on either side. As he slid it down , her inner lips were caught within, and the loop encircled her button, forcing it out.
Sassy, having no idea, of what he was about, only felt his oily fingers pulling and stretching her. Deep sounds murmured from her throat, then the pinching of her clit and lips. She felt the throbbing of desire. Oh please, touch me, rub me. Her head was thrown back, and her mouth made "oh" and "aw" shapes as her breath grew ragged. She was feeling wonderful...the pulsing within the metal loop was amazing. The rope swayed as she tried to find a rhythm to the beat. It was then, that she heard the whistle of the cane and felt its wicked whack. It almost caught her lady parts, but instead landed in the lower crease of her bum. Whoooosh and crack, again it hit... her upper thighs felt the wrath. It cut through her, that pain, and she cried out, both in suffering and in frustration.

He watched the flesh turn red and then violet. It was such a beautiful sight. His fingers danced over the stripes and again between her legs. Tapping the captive knob, then traveling down to her entrance. It was tight, but slick. One hand taunted her wounds, as his other slid inside her. She twisted as her legs swung. She wanted him, all of him, inside her...She felt pressure at her other place. " Oh no, no....please..." She uttered.

Stern, whispered, "SHUUUUUSH, now, you're fine, Miss Cloud. His well oiled finger pushed and released, pushed and released, circling her tight little rosebud, and finally breached the gates, but just for a peek inside.

"It hurts, it hurts", she said in a panic but he didn't withdraw, he pulled and pushed, just a little, nudged it in and out just enough to wet the way. He poured more oil onto his hand. The other hand found its way to her clit again, flicking it back and forth as his finger wriggled into her bottom.
He whispered push it out, and when she did, instead the gates opened, and his finger slipped in, all the way .
"Oh, oh, oh my God!"
He turned His hand, and put His thumb into her other place, which was soaking and aching for him.
Now, she was gone, she rose and fell as he entered and pulled back, working his digit in and out of both orifices. His hand touching the stripes as he thrusted in, and her sore bottom, clenching at his hand deep inside her. He rubbed her hotspot, back and forth. A low rumble, became breathless.
The heat, the pain, the helplessness... an intoxicating cocktail. She was panting, and crying out, melting into the magical mist. She nearly screamed as she climaxed!! She moved to his beat, and moaned long and loud in rapture, coming again and again.

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Chirstmas is in 22 days. I have got all my chirstmas list done.

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Hi Carl
Thought sometimes in the past about what we want.
We want a reason to get a spanking. And we won´t see Trump as the winner.

So I thought, maybe its nice to play game
We know the president needs 270 votes
My game / bet

We get a share of 25 strokes on each cheek depending on the result of election with the modification of difference. It doesn´t matter if Trump or Clinton wins, Just the difference is counting.
In addition you and I can bet the difference

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Going through some pics of my holiday to Ibiza last summer,had a bangin time. Got a little spanking in a nightclub from the DJ and won a bottle of Malibu and a voucher for dinner for two,all for being spanked by this guy who thought he knew how to spank,LOL,it was worth it.

My Sir has said he has seen a nice Vauxhall Astra for me to take a look at tomorrow,hope my days without a motor are numbered I will have to wait and see.although Sir has no idea my insurance will be quite high due to some little mishap I caused a few years back...sssshhhh!!!!

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We went out early this morning, so my daily maintenance spanking was this afternoon.
For a change he had me facing the window, bent over, skirt up, resting on the window sill and walloped me so hard, I nearly jumped through the window, jiggling about, trying not to move away after each hit. Until the threat of starting again made me stand still, JUST.

Then when I was going to the pet shop, Master decided I should wear my pretty pink butt plug, with a load of deep heat and wear my dog collar and lead.
I could wear my coat but no scarf and coat open at the top so it was seen.

It was embarrassing having the collar on show but masters instructions have to be followed. I've got to buy a cat collar with a bell to fasten round my ankle so he can hear me move around. I bought a nice link one from the shop but he wants a black studded one so will have to give that one to the cat for Xmas.

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The Freshman

The boy was nineteen. A freshman in college. One boy seated in a lecture hall of hundreds, and yet he stood out.


His mop of dark hair caught my eye as I handed out the syllabus for Physics 101, but it was his disruptive behavior during class - snickering, yawning, talking openly - that called for attention.

As the rest of the students filed out, I stopped him. “You there, in the green T-shirt. Wait a moment.”

He paused, and turned, smiling as if he were used to being singled out of a crowd. “Who, me?”

“Yes, you.” I waited as he sauntered to my desk.

“What?” He pronounced the single word with a distinct southern drawl.

“This is a college class. I don’t know what you got away with in high school, but it won’t fly here. Next lecture, you’d better pay attention.”

He rolled his eyes in pure teenage disgust. “Whatever.” He swiveled on his heel.

“The proper answer is ‘Yes Ma’am.’”

He looked over his shoulder. “What?”

“You heard me.” I gave him the stern look that could make football players cower, and his smile faded a bit.

“Yes Ma’am?” He repeated the phrase with an air of disbelief. “What is this, the fifties?”

I cocked my eyebrow and looked him over, “Let’s have a little chat in my office why don’t we.” I led the way through the hall, my high heels clicking against the polished terrazzo. I could hear him shuffling along behind, certain that his gaze was locked on the sway of my hips encased in a tight black skirt. I closed the door, and he stood in the middle of the book-strewn room, waiting.

“I will not put up with juvenile nonsense,” I said. From experience, I knew I had to cut off this behavior immediately, or it would only get worse.

“I’m not juvenile.” He spread his feet and crossed his arms, indeed every bit a man physically, but an immature boy still ruled his mind.

“And I know just how do deal with boys like you.” I opened the bottom desk drawer and took out the paddle I’d carried with me since my first year of teaching. The polished board didn’t get much use now that I’d moved to the collegiate level of education; never-the-less, I kept it at hand for just these circumstances.

“What the hell?” He scowled and took a step backwards.

“It’s simple. You bend over my desk for a paddling or I kick you out of class.”

“You can’t...” He sucked in a nervous breath. “ that.”

“Can’t kick you out? I can and I will.”


“The only ‘but’ we need to talk about is your butt, right here.” I cleared a spot for him amid the stacked papers and folders.

He sputtered and took another step backwards, emotion rolling openly across his face. Anger, disbelief, embarrassment.

“Either bend over now, or you’re out.”

He licked his lips and summoned a measure of bravado.

“Oh, what the hell. How bad can it be?” He walked over and placed his hands on the desktop.

“All the way down.” With the heel of my hand I pressed into the middle of his back until his chest went down flat. “Legs apart.” I tapped the paddle between his thighs until he was sufficiently spread, his jeans pulled tight across muscular buns.

“Professor...” He looked back at me, his expression suddenly fearful.

“Hush, boy.” I hooked one finger into his back belt loop and pulled until the seam nearly disappeared between his cheeks.

He let out a soft, tentative moan, and shifted forward in anticipation.

I smiled, and patted the seat of his pants for aim and then raised my arm high. He was about to find out just how much my paddle can burn.

I'd love to hear your spanking story.

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#RisendShine Necessity is the mother of invention, convenience is the mother of detention. choose your path wisely #StrictMotivation

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Thinking about starting off my blogging here by writing about my first spanking experiences and various ones afterwards. Who would be interested in that?

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I get off on watching these videos

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Don't be afraid to send me a message and we can talk. I'm 26years old living in the USA

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I am not sure how long I will be offline. I thought I should write something here in case anyone who decided to email me won't think I'm ignoring them. Happy Holidays To All. See you on the flip side.xo

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#beatZscale You dont gain your weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you gain it between Christmas and Thanksgiving! #StrictMotivation

Need help? get help: Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, at your pace, at your place: from the convenience of your home and is tailored to your specific needs, with no self demeaning expected, let alone on web-cam, including as much discretion as you desire. For consenting adults of any age, gender identity, sexual preference. roe or ethnicity. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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Unfortunately, the flame of our spanking life seems to have sputtered out at this point, but we certainly did have fun while it lasted.
And even though it seems likely I'll be fading from the scene here, I will value and remember the lovely friends I've made.
Many happy spankings to all!

Spank Christina