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Just do it!! You know you want to!

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Greetings my friends,
I think I have this poetry thing figured out. You just sit down to the keyboard and paint a picture of your soul...

Shame, but no regrets…

Warm bathwater filling the tub echoes
in the stillness of floor tiles,
here in the sanctum of old paint,
and the trinity—
tub, toilet and sink—
soft splashes,
a sigh,
and then…

blessed silence.

Gone or fading,
the memories of the crime,
the butterflies,
stepping into the store,
heart racing as I
snatch a pack of cigarettes from the rack…

the clerk’s strong hand holding me,
while I stare at the floor tiles,
And later…

glimpses of the living room,
the open front door,
warm evening light on the street outside,
seen through tear-blurred eyes
as I thrash,
over his knee,
on the piano bench—
mere snapshot pictures

of all-consuming pain.

I immerse myself
in warm water,
lowering bruised flesh to porcelain…

no redemption here,
nor innocence.
I touch myself,
and savor the fleeting moments of
my punishment.

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Passes out some delicious hot chocolate as we wait for the next speaker.

Hmmm so how often do you Top from the bottom? I would say I do this quite often. It would be so much easier to just ask for one right? But I can never seem to just ask. It like the pain the butt in me is just dying to crawl out. lol.

HD Spank
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Morning Commute by Curious Kate

I’ve been sneaking onto Spanking Tube for years, watching videos and reading blogs in the dark, never brave enough to make an account. Well, something clicked in me this year and I jumped in, exhaling a big breath at the same time. I must say, I am very glad I did so. I have met some wonderful, funny, intelligent, creative people here and I am having a blast exploring this part of myself. I hope this continues with them and the new friends I have yet to meet.

Spanking was (and often is) on my mind. It does not take much me to go there. Seeing rails or retaining walls often triggers a scenario in my head of being told to bend over, stick my bottom out, and prepare myself for a spanking, paddling, strapping, right there, no matter who is around, for some infraction or another, or simply because it pleases him to remind me he’s in charge. These rails and walls are everywhere I go! I also realized I am quite responsive to scoldings.

One spring morning in particular, a beautiful, picture perfect one, I am sitting near the front of the bus, lucky enough to get an open seat. There was a woman behind me. Seemingly, a normal, professional woman going to work about late 20s/early 30s. She sat by the window, her purse on the aisle seat behind me.

It is rush hour, so over the next few stops, the bus was quickly filling up. At one stop, a man gets on the bus. Handsome, late 30s/early 40s, athletic..maybe running or soccer or some such sport. Probably similar to what he looked like in college. That kind of fitness takes discipline. Year in and year out discipline. He took one look at the seat occupied by the woman’s purse behind me and just started scolding her. His tone, his word choice, the lowered volume, the control…I was smirking and it was *all* I could do to not laugh outloud because I heard everything! All I could think was, “I bet this man is a spanker. I bet he has scolded many naughty, inconsiderate girls before. Maybe one day he can scold me.” lol! And so started my commute that day.

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Silkie pretties, on the floor,
She slides towards him, desiring more,
Her body close, his eyes go south,
Her heaving breast, her waiting mouth.
“Come, let's go, no use to fight,
You’ll not stop me, you're mine tonight.”
“Forgive me, love and I'll be good.
Behave myself, as best I could.”
“Too late now, don't waste my time,
Or every slap, will turn to five.”
I'm quickly pulled across your knee,
I twist and turn, to be set free
You laugh, hold tight, amused, you say,
“You think you're going to get away?”
My hand is pinned behind my back.
Your hand is hard, it slap, slap, slaps.
So many times, it hits my ass,
You’d better learn, this lesson fast!
I tell you once, if you don't do,
Exactly what, I tell you to,
Your buns will glow, you won’t sit down,
You'll rub that butt and dance around.
Oh, stop, it hurts, it stings so hot,
Now, put your nose right on that spot!
You go stand, against that wall.
And stay there, till you hear me call.
A little verse about our play,
With all my love, signed
“x”, “o”, “J”

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I'm trespassing on Spankocity grounds with my humble contribution to open mic night.

Down on your knees
A sense of unease,
Yet eager to please
The sound, the tease
The inevitable breeze
In sets of threes
To beg and to plead
Oh yes please
So hard to believe
It all started down on your knees

HD Spank
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Well here is my contribution. Hopefully there will be others.

The strap lands again and again.
Oh when will this pain end?
But your words of reassurance and comfort bring me back.
And again I feel every smack.
Tears of remorse wash down my face.
How I long to be wrapped up in your embrace.
But the strap keeps falling.
Tanning my tail.
I really hate its you I failed.
I really try so hard to be good, though I always fall through the cracks.
But you always bring me back applying the strap to my hide.
Watching as it flies through the air and lands on skin once so fair.
Now the fires of Hades rests on bare skin as it sizzles away my every sin.
I now lay here broken in to much pain to care.
I know you have spoken but I am barely aware.
I just feel you lift me in the safety of your arms.
Taking care that my bottom meets no more harm.
I feel all your kisses all over my face as your words of forgiveness wash over me.
I’m your good girl again.
I’m always your good girl.
For naughty things I have a knack.
But I know you’ll always bring me back.

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I can't wait to see what you all have come up with. Entertain me and I hopefully can entertain you too. Have fun, leave plenty of comments and please be respectful. Please if your entry's can't fit below feel free to make a new blog but put open mic night in the title please.


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I probably won't be logged on when it happens, throwing this one out a bit early if no one minds...

Counting Your Rights

you got this Korean man
been making the news
with a president guy
with his differing views
I'll tell you right now
you got plenty to lose
when they light a Roman candle
with a shortened fuse

you got a right to carry
you got a right to speech
you got rights a plenty
hell you can even preach
if you got nothing to lose
and a lot to say
you got the right to assemble
in a peaceable way

you got a veteran guy
way down in Alabam
he ain't been together
since the Vietnam
he rides himself a Harley
with them saddlebags
the ones with the fringes
and confederate flags

we got statues in the parks
from those long ago wars
that we almost forgot
what all the killing was for
they were hero to some
that fought a good fight
and it doesn't really matter
if you're left or you're right

you got a college professor
with his PHD
he teaches all the kids
what he wants them to see
what they might never learn
but they better believe
there's a price to your freedom
and your freedom ain't free

you got the arrogant rich
who don't understand
been living off the sweat
of an honest man
they've always had it good
and never had it tough
when paying living wages
close is good enough

now I'm a simple guy
without a righteous plan
I put off paying my bills
for as long as I can
I'll kick off my boots
while I'm playing some cards
I like sleeping in a hammock
while I'm counting the stars

I don't burn any flags
I don't burn any crosses
I might burn me a bridge
when I'm counting my losses
I've had a few scuffles
and I've had a few fights
and I chalk all up to
counting your rights

HD Spank
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Sorry, but I just gotta ask…

There have been a couple of people lately posting photos with grossly distorted butts, which were obviously edited to look that way.

And I just want to know, are we supposed to be impressed?

The nature of this site being what it is, most of us tend to be aficionados the human buttocks. In other words, we love butts. We love butts in all their unretouched glory, with all their natural curves, and even with their imperfections. Smooth, sweet butts, and even sad, saggy butts, overweight butts and skinny butts, and the redder the better. We love the suggestive curve of butts covered but coyly revealed beneath skirts, jeans and yoga pants, and we love the brazen glory of butts fully bare.

Am I wrong? Is there a person here whose eyes don’t instinctively track to the posterior parts of virtually everyone we meet, whose mind doesn’t conjure naked imaginings of those who walk the streets ahead of us? Is there a heart here that doesn’t quicken sight of the human ass?

A real ass. An actual ass. Or the true-to-life photo image of a genuine butt, not something distorted through a fisheye?

Am I missing something here? Is this a new fetish? The fake asses of Photoshop and Snapchat, the phony butts of the net? If so, then far be it from me to criticize someone else’s kink. But I’d really like to know. I mean, honestly, what gives? Is there somebody who really likes this kind of image?

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I've been on here for an entire year already. I guess time flies faster than expected. Maybe when two years hit I'll reveal my identity? ;)

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Master wanted to know if the girls had been drinking or eating something really pink.
They both had a raspberry vodka pink slush. It was lush.

HD Spank
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Looking to interact with more like minded people and embrace the spanko lifestyle so feel free to message

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Looking to interact with more like minded people and embrace the spanko lifestyle so feel free to message

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currently working on multiple builds

the 68 Charger build: mostly got put on hold after the exterior paint (satin black) and the engine build (see previous post). have made some progress on the interior pieces, choosing a medium gray for the interior with black seats with red inserts.

the Tirpitz build: received the model in today's mail (very small) every piece is a charcoal grey. while painting the Charger interior, I went ahead and painted the Tirpitz grey (I hate molded plastic, needed to flatten it out a bit). should be a quick build, very few pieces. I am going to modify the display base and upgrade to a wooden one that I will fashion myself.

micro military builds: have purchased a number of extremely small military models on ebay. opening bids on these are .01 (that's right, one cent AND free shipping out of China). I will normally drop out of the auctions once they exceed one dollar. I'll take all the .75 cent models you got.

ongoing scratch builds and kit bash:* working on an N scale oil refinery (scratch built) for my train layout. the overall train layout is a work in progress will be months/years in the works. I'm making the layout modular so that it can expand as the footprint increases.

I am also attempting multiple space builds (scratch and kit bash). have seen some really cool spaceship modeling done online (some of these guys need to be working for NASA).

photo: micro military model jet fighter purchased on ebay for approx. .75 cents - ipod shown for scale. all of the camo paint work done by hand with a VERY small brush

*(scratch build - modeling done with everyday items modified for the build / kit bash - modeling done by robbing parts from other kits and morphing them together)

HD Spank
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the disciplinarian checks his morning emails after placing a recent spank ad...

the ad: Mature male disciplinarian seeks slender submissive younger male in need of good sound old fashioned style spankings. Spankings will be administered with hand, brush, paddle and strap across the lap on the underpants and bare bottom. No B/D, No S/M, No sex - just spankings. Naughty boys in need of a good sound spanking should contact me a.s.a.p. Be for real, all serious replies answered promptly. Discretion expected and assured. Regularly scheduled weekly spankings possible.

the reply: Good Morning Sir, I knew as soon as I read your ad that I would be contacting you. I am a small and slender male very much in need of a good sound spanking. So glad that there are still old fashioned men, like yourself, that still firmly believe in the benefit that spanking provides. I share your belief in spanking discipline and know that a good sound spanking does me a world of good. A spanking is something that I do need and also look forward to as well. I would very much like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss my need for spankings. When would you be available to meet and chat? I am an experienced spankee with years of experience reporting to disciplinarian type men to receive my spankings. I look forward to your response, and my spankings.

and so it begins

(photo NOT me btw)

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Tomorrow night, at 6 pm Eastern Time, post your spanking poetry or flash fiction at the "open mic." Old stuff or new, whatever you've got to share.

For our friends across the pond, that's 11 pm in London. Assuming I did the conversion right.

For anyone who hasn't played before, all you have to do is include some reference to the Spanko City Book Cafe Open Mic in the title of your post. Let's fill the blog roll with creative stuff! And if you don't have anything to share, you can still pitch in with comments.

When Lotus posted notice of this yesterday, it awoke the old spanking muse, and I wrote a poem specifically for the event. I'm looking forward to sharing it, and reading everyone else's posts as well.

HD Spank
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Does anyone on here have much to say about sensual spanking?
Using spanking as a relaxation tool instead of just domination or punishment?
The use of switches on skin to increase blood flow and toning muscles has been around for years like in Swedish massage.

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good afternoon, just pretty much a repost of my last blog. Im giving out the opportunity to come to san francisco for a great trip, spanking & tourism. your flight would be free and so would your stay. I know it's hard to find spankers in some areas so hey why not make it available for some

Firm Hand Spanking