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Frozen in time, thoughts and doubt.
Can't let it go, can't let it out.
Searching and searching, no end in sight.
Haunting past, unable to fight.

Sins of another, before your time.
Take your voice, you become a mime.
Trembling inside, fear all you know.
Screams and shouts, blow after blow.

Vivid anguished memories all to real.
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to heal.
Life stolen away, like images on a screen.
You scrub and scrub, never becoming clean.

Heavy hands, a chapter of the past.
Hands that protect, all that you asked.
Hands lift you up from the end of your rope.
Hand in hand, a promise of hope.

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I know the answer to this is probably pretty much right in front of me but just need a lil bit of clarification i guess. I have no regrets of the people whom i have met in this lifestyle but why do i feel in some ways im being played by some just at my expense.

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All the otk videos using hand or hair brush , I ask for otk with using caning , fast continuous caning specially f/m otk caning , where can i find this type of videos,?? Please

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دعوني احدثكم عن الابلة نادية
ابلة نادية كانت معلمة جميلة ورشيقة ولكنها كانت صارمة كانت مدرسة للمرحلة الابتدائية ، تمتلك خيرزاتين ، الاولى قصيرة طولها ٤٠ سم والاخرى طويلة ٩٠ سم ، في معظم الاحيان كانت تستخدم الخيرزانة الطويلة ، اذا اخطا اي احد من طلابها كانت عادة تضرب على اليد

لكن اذا كان الخطا اكبر فإنها تلجأ عاده الى عقاب ضرب المؤخرة ، يسمى ضرب المؤخرة في مصر ( العبْط) ، وليس العبٓط اي الهبل ، فكانت ( تعبُط= اي تضرب على المؤخرة) اي طالب عندها يخطئ خطئ كبير ، وكان وضع العبط بأن يسند الطالب على الدسك ويقيد حركته عن طريق اثنين من زملائه كل واحد يمسك يد المعاقب ، وتقوم الابلة نادية بضرب المؤخرة بالخيرزانة الطويلة تقريبا ٧ ضربات متتاليات ، ولا تأبى بصراخ الطالب الدي يتلوى من شده الالم ، ايمانا منها ان ذلك من مصلحتنا كطلاب حتى لا يتكرر هذا الخطأ مره اخرى ،
كعادة اي معلم او معلمة فأنه يحب ويفضل بعض الطلاب وذلك بسبب اخلاقهم وتفوقهم الدراسي ، انا كنت من التلاميذ المؤدبين والمتفوقين دراسيا ، ولذلك الابلة نادية كانت بتحبني جدا جدا ، ودائما تهتم بي ، ،ومع ذلك اذا اخطأ احد طلابها المتميزين خطأ كبيرا فإنها لا تغفر له هذا الخطأ بل وتعبطه ولكن بأسلوب خاص يختلف عن الاسلوب الذي ذكتره توا ، تنظر الى طالبها المخطئ نظره مخيفة ، وتقول له حسابك معايا بعدين
تقول له: عند انتهاء اليوم الدراسي تعالى الى غرفتي . عقاب العبط امام الزملاء محرج جدا ، لذلك تلجأ الى عبط تلميذها المتميز على انفراد حتى لا يشعر بالحرج امام زملائه ، وهنا يأتي دور الخيرزانة القصيرة واللتي طولها ٤٠ سم كما ذكرت ، لماذا ؟؟ لانها تقوم بوضع التلميذ المتميز على حجرها ما يعرف بوضع (اوه تي كاي) ، وتجبره برفع مؤخرته وذلك عن طريق رأسه الى الاسفل قرب الارض والرجلين معلقتين في الهواء والمؤخرة الى اعلى نقطة ممكنة ، هي تلجأ الى هذا الوضع لسببين ، السبب الاول انها تحب هذا التلميذ المتميز وبالتالي لا ينام احد على حجرها الا تلميذ عزيز على قلبها فهي تعتبره احد من ابنائها وهي تعبط ابنائها بهذه الوضعية ، السبب الثاني انه لا يوجد احد يقيد حركة المعقاب ولذلك فإن الذي ينام على حجرها لن يستطيع ابدا باي حال من الاحوال ان يهرب من على حجرها لانها كانت قوية جدا وتستطيع السيطره على تلميذها ،
الخيرزانة الطويلة غير مناسبة ابدا لوضع (اوه تي كاي) ، ولذلك لديها خيرزانة قصيره وهي مناسبة لهذا الوضع ومخصوصه للطلبة المتميزين
كانت عاده تضرب طالبها المتميز عشرة عصيان متتاليات ، طالما كان محافظا على وضعه الصحيح ولم ينزل مؤخرته، اذا قام الطالب بالرفس ونزل مؤخرته فإنها تحذره من عدم تكرار ذلك والا ستنزع عنه البنطلون والاندر وستقوم بضرب مؤخرته وهي عارية ، وقد تزيد عدد الضربات من عشره الى ١٢ ضربه . لذلك انا شخصيا كنت حريص على الحفاظ على وضعي جيدا حتى لا يتم مضاعفة العقاب ، ومع ذلك حصل ذات مره اني لم احافظ على وضعي ، سأحكي لكم فيما بعد ما حصل

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I'm smiling a lot today.. started the morning out as usual with my early mornin before work phone call with Poppy... told him a "penny" joke n smiled more because hed not heard it before... felt a lil self conscience as he mentioned for the 4th time that my laugh is "infectious"... n realized he was right..that in all the time we have been talkin it was my first REAL laugh... sneaked on the tube a few times n jot on Poppys wall ... just spent a lil time workin on a story for him... time isn't on my side so its comin along slower than id planned... now a lil relaxation time... its been a good day so far...

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I live in Ky. and looking for spanking and discipline thank you

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Wish we could post where we are from my self Kentucky looking for spanking and discipline .

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Looking for a play partner and new friends!! Available on kik: WolfsWyldefyre Hoping to meet a good Dom that just wants to spank me..Nothing more...Nothing less...If interested hit me up on Kik..

I am looking for a Play Partner SAFE SANE and CONSEQUENTLY.. Do you know of anyone that would be a good fit for me?
I just want Spanking nothing SEXUAL, No BLOOD WHIPS, No Bondage..No CANES, Respects safe words, I need mantince spankings, and corner time, someone who can be stern, and firm yet does after care and respects boundaries! I'm ok with OTK, Bare Bottom, Over the bed, paddling, Wooden spoons, Hairbrush, and( Belt only for serious misbehavior).. I live in Rogers!! Thanks again!!

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So there was this judge, see, who had the bright idea of giving guys lighter sentences or none at all, in return for letting him paddle them and take pictures of their red bottoms. Sounds like a good scenario for the clever people here who make videos for our viewing pleasure, right? Well, yes, but also fact:


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damn! i have to quit smoking!!!!! cigarettes! not the organic stuff lol

its just so fkn hard! and right now my heart is broken too, so its even harder, but im still trying.

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every investment should produce a return! I hate hearing I told u so, or thats wtf u get!!!! All I want to do right now is break some shit!!!! can I ? Please! Please! its like a bad dream, the same bs keep repeating itself, which tells me maybe I need to just focus on me... I'm going to just pretend that i dont see none of this shit!

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One of my BDSM novellas is free on Amazon today:

http://mybook.to/ownedby (that link should take you to your country-appropriate Amazon site)

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Most days I just feel like the good Dr.Jekyll be very nice and so helpful to all my friends and neighbors .But do I really like being like that or would I rather be Mr Hyde and just be a prick .Every body does love the Dr.and and body needs him .But come on there are times when I just want to be bad and dirty .I mean he really had fun .lol.....

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Hello to the familiar bloggers here and some new faces. I have been away for some time due to a good diversion, my very own Daddy Dom. I did not see the "Daddy" piece of it coming, but now that I've had some time to get used to it, it's very comfortable.

As happy as I am, as easy as things are with him, my heart is torn. I'm apparently not a very good liar, and pretty early on I had to just fess up to my husband that I had found a Dom online, had already met with him, and wanted to continue to. Naturally, this has not gone over very well. There's a whole complex history between my husband and me, stuff I'd rather not go into. But because I wasn't honest from the beginning, he doesn't believe me that my D/s relationship is not a sexual one. On the plus side he hasn't given me an ultimatum to end it or he'll leave. But instead, things at home are very tense and uncomfortably quiet. From day to day, my feelings waffle and one moment I'm convinced I need to end things with Daddy to save my marriage. The next minute, I'm resolved not to end things because I feel I need to be able to explore this side of me with someone I trust, who naturally understands both sides (Daddy was a sub in his 20s) of a D/s relationship.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever managed successfully to have a Dom separate from your marriage? Anyone have a wife/husband that knew of your D/s relationship and found a way to be okay with it? Or is that concept just out in la la land?

Also, anyone have tips on keeping your connection with your Dom during times apart? Has been almost a month since we've been able to see one another. We do text daily and occassionally call by phone. He has some health issues and is married with kids/grandkids as well, so those things complicate us getting together. I miss seeing him and feel disconnected when the weeks go by.

Thanks ahead of time for all advice.

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Today is my VERY vanilla wife's 69th birthday. Think I should spank her anyway?
In the past she has submitted - reluctantly - to assuming the position while all I've done was give her gentle love pats. It's gotten to the point where she expects it and just endures it. But this year was a little different in that I could've been a much better husband in such a way that caused her considerable pain and heartache last spring. Maybe this would be a good year to give her a break and just let her enjoy her day as she wants to enjoy it without any of my kinky urges factoring in.
I'm not asking you to make up my mind for me because I've all but decided to give her a reprieve, (and then probably spank her tomorrow instead) but I welcome your thoughts.

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Four left turns or four to the right.
Life snowballs, blindingly white.
Lap after lap, like a racecar track.
An overwhelming feeling, things fade black.

A nod of your head, a blink of an eye.
Told do this do that, no questioning why.
Swallow your pride, doin' what's politically correct.
Act a certain way, speak in proper dialect.

Had enough of the so called "Circle of Life".
Caused too much stress, too much strife.
Time to shut the whole place down.
Time for an OTK Corral showdown.

Enough worrying about what others think.
Time to indulge in a little forbidden kink.
Bend over a lap, a bed or a kitchen sink.
Lose your worries in a darker shade of pink.

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